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Azure Admin Training In Hyderabad Course Details

Azure Admin Training in Hyderabad

Course Curriculum

Our Azure Admin professional course syllabus has been designed per the industry standards that ensure quality training and fit the requirements for the current job demands for Azure Admin. Our trainers will cover the complete course details in our 45-day Azure Admin training program. 

  • Azure Portal
  • Azure Powershell and CLI
  • ARM Templates
  • Azure Resource Manager (ARM)
  • ASM vs ARM
  • Creation of Azure Account
  • Subscriptions and Accounts
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Users and Groups
  • Azure Policy
  • Azure subscription cost management
  • Azure security center
  • Virtual Machine Planning
  • Creating Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Availability
  • Virtual Machine Extensions
  • Managed and Unmanaged disk
  • Additional Data disk
  • Virtual Machine Scale sets
  • Storage Accounts
  • Azure Blobs
  • Azure Files
  • Azure Queues
  • Azure Table
  • Storage Security
  • Azure Storage explorer
  • Az copy

  • Virtual Networks
  • IP Addressing and Endpoints
  • Azure DNS
  • Network Security Groups and NIC
  • CIDR calculation
  • Public ip and private ip
  • VNet Peering
  • VNet-to-VNet Connections
  • ExpressRoute Connections
  • Site-to-site connections
  • Point to site connection
  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Alerts
  • Log Analytics workspace
  • Network Watcher
  • Application insights
  • Data Replication
  • File and Folder Backups
  • Virtual Machine Backups
  • SQL DB in Azure VM backup
  • Network Routing
  • Azure Load Balancer
  • Application Gateway
  • Azure Traffic Manager
  • Azure front door
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure AD Connect
  • Azure user management
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Azure AD Identity Protection
  • Self-Service Password Reset
  • App registrations
  • Enterprise applications
  • SSO (Single sing on)
  • Compare B2B with B2C
  • App Service Environments
  • App Service Plans
  • Virtual Network Integrations
  • Hybrid connections
  • Creating App Service Web App
  • Managed Identity
  • Key Vault
  • Azure Disk Encryption
  • Automation Account
  • Runbooks
  • Update Management
  • Scheduling patching
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)
  • Replication of Azure VMs to different Regions
  • Failover of Azure VMs
  • Disaster Recovery for Apps
  • Onprem physical VM migration to Azure
  • Onprem Hyper-v VM migration to Azure
  • AWS to Azure

Practice Test and Interview Questions: At Coding Pro Masters, we provide practice tests created by certified Azure Admin trainers and industry experts at the end of the course, along with Azure Admin Questions and Answers to test your knowledge. Additionally, if you are working on the Azure Admin certification exam, these tests and QNA will help you boost your knowledge.

Practice Mock Interview Sessions and Technical Job Support: We at Coding pro masters provide the learners with practice mock interview sessions and excellent job support at the end of the course, which not only helps you enrich your career opportunities in Azure Admin but also helps you crack the interview.

Key Points of Azure Admin Training in Hyderabad

Comprehensive Course Curriculum

Comprehensive Course Curriculum and Syllabus

At Coding Pro Masters, our Azure Admin Training in Hyderabad encompasses a detailed syllabus designed to equip learners with mastery over Azure services, including Azure Compute, Azure Storage, and network services. Trainees delve into the intricacies of managing Azure subscriptions, deploying resources with ARM templates, and ensuring security and compliance within the Azure ecosystem, providing a solid foundation for a career in cloud administration.

Industry Experienced and Certified Trainers

Leveraging the expertise of industry-seasoned professionals, Coding Pro Masters boasts a roster of instructors with over 10+ years of experience and certifications in Azure Administration. These trainers bring real-world insights, enhancing the learning experience with practical knowledge and industry credibility, ensuring trainees learn and apply the concepts effectively.

Hands-on Training Approach

Hands-on Training Approach

Our hands-on training approach emphasizes practical application, allowing trainees to deploy Virtual Machines, manage Azure subscriptions, and utilize ARM templates in live environments. This immersive experience ensures that every learner gains the confidence and skills needed to handle real-world Azure administration tasks, making our training program a cornerstone for aspiring Azure admins.


Flexible Training Options

Understanding the diverse needs of our trainees, Coding Pro Masters offers flexible training options, including weekend and evening batches, online and offline modes, and customizable training schedules. This flexibility ensures that professionals and students alike can enhance their Azure admin skills without compromising their daily commitments.


Placement Assistance

With a dedicated placement assistance program, Coding Pro Masters facilitates opportunities for trainees by providing access to top Azure Admin interview questions, resume marketing to clients and associates, and tracking job opportunities. While we don't guarantee a job, our commitment is to maximize your employment prospects in the Azure domain.

Practical Projects

Practical Projects

Engage in practical projects at Coding Pro Masters, where trainees apply their learning to real-world scenarios, deploying VMs, managing Azure Storage, and executing data migrations using Azure Storage Explorer. These projects are integral to our curriculum, ensuring that learners have a portfolio that demonstrates their hands-on experience to potential employers.

Positive Trainees Feedback

Positive Trainees Feedback

Our Azure Admin Training in Hyderabad is backed by overwhelmingly positive feedback from over 500 trainees, placed in reputable positions within the last 8 months. This testament to our quality and commitment reflects in our trainees' success, underscoring the effectiveness of our training methodologies and the value we bring to each learner's career journey.

Post-Training Support

Post Training Support

Coding Pro Masters extends beyond the classroom, offering post-training support to ensure our trainees' continued growth and success in the Azure administration field. Access to class recordings, lifetime accessibility to our LMS platform, and ongoing mentorship from our certified trainers ensure that our alumni remain at the forefront of Azure technologies.

Interactive Learning Environment

Interactive Learning Environment

Our interactive learning environment fosters engagement and collaboration among trainees and instructors, facilitating a dynamic exchange of ideas and solutions. Through live theoretical training, lab sessions, and interactive discussions, Coding Pro Masters ensures a conducive and stimulating environment for mastering Azure administration.

What is Microsoft Azure Administrator ?

Azure Admin refers to the specialized role responsible for managing and overseeing the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This encompasses a wide range of tasks, including the setup, configuration, and maintenance of Azure resources, ensuring optimal performance and security of cloud services.
Azure Administrators play a crucial role in facilitating the seamless operation of cloud-based environments, enabling businesses to leverage the full potential of cloud computing for their growth and digital transformation initiatives.

At Coding Pro Master, we equip aspiring cloud professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this dynamic role. Our training program focuses on the practical application of Azure services, including but not limited to computing, networking, storage, and security.
Through a combination of theoretical learning and hands-on projects, participants gain real-world experience, preparing them for the challenges of managing cloud infrastructures.
Our goal is to empower students to become proficient Azure Administrators capable of designing, implementing, and managing robust cloud solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses.

Azure Admin Training in Hyderabad

Course Objective

The Azure Admin Training Course at Coding Pro Masters is designed to equip learners with the essential skills required for managing and implementing cloud services in the Microsoft Azure environment.
In our Azure Admin training program, students will delve into core topics, including Azure compute, storage, and network services, gaining hands-on experience in configuring, managing, and troubleshooting Azure resources.
Our online Azure Admin training in Hyderabad ensures an interactive learning experience supported by practical exercises and real-world scenarios. Attendees can also benefit from a free demo session, offering a glimpse into the structured curriculum and teaching methods employed by seasoned instructors.
Coding Pro Masters is committed to enhancing the learning journey, providing placement assistance to help kickstart your career in the cloud industry.
By the end of this course, participants will not only master the fundamentals of Azure administration but also be well-prepared to tackle the challenges of cloud computing with confidence and expertise.

Who Should Take Azure Admin Training

The Azure Admin Course at Coding Pro Masters is essential for IT professionals, aspiring cloud experts, and anyone eager to delve into cloud computing. It offers comprehensive training on managing Azure cloud services, ensuring participants emerge as skilled Azure Administrators ready for the industry.


Microsoft Azure Admin Training in Hyderabad

Course Outline

The training begins with an introduction to the basics of cloud computing, where students learn about the various types of cloud services: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). We delve into Microsoft Azure, exploring its architecture, core components, and the benefits it offers for businesses looking to leverage cloud technologies.

Students will learn about Azure Active Directory (AD), a cloud-based identity and access management service. We cover how to manage users, groups, and permissions, ensuring secure access to resources. The training includes hands-on sessions on implementing Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to provide fine-grained access management.

In this module, students get practical experience with Azure storage services, including Azure Blobs, Files, Queues, and Tables. We cover data storage options, data replication, and how to secure and manage access to data. Practical exercises help students learn how to implement and manage storage solutions effectively.

Students will learn about Azure compute resources like Azure Virtual Machines (VMs), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and Azure Functions. Students learn how to deploy, manage, and scale these resources according to business needs. The training includes practical sessions on managing Azure VMs, deploying containerized applications using AKS, and automating tasks with Azure Functions.

Students will gain expertise in Azure virtual networks (VNet) and an understanding of how to design and implement network architectures. The training covers topics such as subnetting, IP addressing, network security groups, and VPN gateways. Practical exercises include setting up VNets, connecting VNets, and securing network resources.

The final step equips students with the skills to monitor, diagnose, and recover Azure resources. We cover the use of Azure Monitor, Azure Alerts, and log analytics to keep track of resources' health and performance. Students learn about disaster recovery strategies using Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup, ensuring business continuity.

About Microsoft Azure Administrator Training in Hyderabad

Microsoft Azure Administration is a crucial area within the cloud computing domain, focusing on the management and configuration of cloud services. This technical field enables individuals to deploy, manage, and oversee the vast array of services provided by the Azure platform, including computing, storage, networking, and security.
Understanding the intricacies of Azure Administration is crucial for those looking to forge a career in cloud computing. The Azure Admin Training in Hyderabad is designed with this purpose in mind, catering to students eager to secure positions in the ever-growing cloud industry.
Our training program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers essential Azure services and management tools, ensuring students gain a solid foundation and practical experience.
By enrolling in our course, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage Azure environments effectively, making them highly desirable to employers.
Our esteemed institution prides itself on fostering the next generation of Azure professionals, with a focus on real-world applications and hands-on learning. As the leading Azure training institute in Hyderabad, we commit to unlocking our students’ full potential, guiding them toward successful careers in cloud computing.

Modes of Azure Admin Training in Hyderabad

At Coding Pro Masters, we understand everyone has a different learning style, so we offer various training modes for our Azure Admin courses in Hyderabad. Our training is available online, offline, and for corporate groups, each designed to suit your specific needs.
Online Training

Online Training

Our online Azure Admin training sessions are designed to offer you the flexibility to learn from anywhere. Led by expert trainers, these interactive sessions ensure you gain comprehensive knowledge and skills in managing Azure environments. Join our online training to enhance your Azure administration capabilities at your own pace and convenience.

Offline Training

Offline Training

Join our in-classroom Azure Admin training to experience live, interactive learning sessions. Conducted by seasoned professionals, our classroom training provides an immersive learning environment, enabling hands-on practice and real-time feedback. It's an ideal way to deepen your understanding and expertise in Azure administration in a structured setting.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Our corporate Azure Admin training is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. By bringing our expert trainers to your premises, we offer personalized, in-depth training sessions that align with your business objectives. This program is perfect for teams looking to collectively upgrade their Azure administration skills, ensuring your company stays ahead in the cloud computing domain.

Azure Admin Training in Hyderabad

Course Prerequisites

Before Enrolling for the Azure Admin course in Hyderabad, learners are advised to have a foundational understanding of certain concepts to achieve the best learning experience. There are no strict prerequisites, but understanding the following areas will make it easy.

Career Opportunities After Azure Admin Training

Students of Azure Admin Training are poised for exciting career paths in the tech industry. As AI Engineers, they can innovate with Azure’s AI capabilities; as Security Engineers, protect cloud infrastructures; as Data Engineers, manage complex data systems; and as Data Scientists, extract insights using Azure’s analytical tools. Each role leverages Azure’s cloud platform to drive business and technological advancements.

AI Engineer

Post Azure Admin Training, students can embark on careers as AI Engineers, leveraging Azure's AI services to build and manage intelligent solutions that enhance business processes and drive innovation.

Security Engineer

Azure Admin Training equips students to become Security Engineers, specializing in safeguarding Azure environments against digital threats and ensuring robust cloud security protocols are in place.

Data Engineer

Students of Azure Admin Training can pursue the role of Data Engineer, utilizing Azure's data services to design, build, and manage data pipelines that support analytical and operational workloads.

Data Scientist

With Azure Admin Training, students are well-prepared to become Data Scientists, applying Azure's machine learning and analytical tools to uncover insights, predict trends, and inform decision-making processes.

Market Trend in Azure Admin Course Hyderabad

The Azure Administration course in Hyderabad is riding a significant upward trend, mirroring the global shift toward cloud technologies. This surge is primarily driven by the increasing adoption of cloud-based solutions across industries, necessitating a robust demand for skilled Azure Administrators.
With the accelerating digital transformation, companies need professionals who can manage and optimize Azure environments, making this skill set highly sought after. LinkedIn’s insights underscore the burgeoning demand for cloud computing and IT infrastructure prowess, with Azure Administration at the forefront of employer preferences.
This demand is quantified by a projection from Markets and Markets, which anticipates the Azure Administration market will expand at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 27% from 2021 to 2026. Hyderabad, a hub for technology and innovation, reflects this trend with a plethora of opportunities for Azure Administrators.
The city’s tech enterprises, from startups to established giants, are searching for Azure talent to fuel their cloud infrastructures. This demand is underpinned by attractive salary prospects, with PayScale citing an average annual salary of around 4 to 15 lac in India, hinting at lucrative compensation for these roles.
Furthermore, integrating automation and DevOps into Azure Administration highlights the necessity for professionals who can efficiently navigate the complexities of modern cloud environments. The emphasis on security and compliance within Azure services elevates the demand for administrators who can ensure these critical aspects are not compromised.
Recognizing the importance of certification, such as the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate, professionals in Hyderabad are increasingly pursuing these credentials to validate their expertise and enhance their employability. This landscape creates a fertile ground for job seekers with Azure Administration capabilities, marking an auspicious time to pursue a career in this domain.
For those looking to navigate this promising job market, platforms like Indeed offer a comprehensive view of the opportunities available in Hyderabad, as evidenced by the numerous listings for Azure Administrator roles. 

Skills developed after Azure Admin Training In Hyderabad


Students will gain an in-depth understanding of Azure’s core services, including Azure Active Directory, Azure Policy, and Role-Based Access Control. This foundational knowledge is crucial for managing and deploying resources effectively in the cloud.


By the end of the training, students will be skilled in setting up and managing Azure subscriptions and resources, ensuring they can navigate the Azure environment with ease.


Students will learn to automate tasks and manage Azure resources using Azure PowerShell, enhancing their efficiency and capability to handle complex deployments.


Through live projects, students will get hands-on experience, applying what they’ve learned in practical scenarios and preparing them for real-world challenges in cloud computing.


The training covers Azure Storage options, including Blob Containers and VPN Gateways, equipping students with the skills to manage data storage and connectivity in the cloud.


Students will become proficient in deploying web applications on Azure, understanding the nuances of app service plans and how to leverage them for optimal performance.


With a focus on Azure’s security features, students will learn to safeguard their cloud infrastructure, mastering the implementation of Azure policy and managing role-based access control.


The program not only prepares students for the Azure administrator role but also guides them toward earning relevant Azure certifications, enhancing their employability and confidence in the job market.

Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification

Benefits of Azure Admin Certification


Why choose us for Azure Admin Training in Hyderabad?


Career Guidance

Our Microsoft Azure Administrator Training in Hyderabad stands out for its comprehensive career guidance. We equip our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the job market confidently. Our dedicated career counselors offer personalized advice, ensuring students are well-prepared to secure promising positions in the fast-evolving tech industry.

Affordable Fee

Affordable Fees

We believe quality education should be accessible to all, which is why our Microsoft Azure Administrator Training is priced affordably. Our goal is to remove financial barriers, allowing passionate learners from diverse backgrounds to enhance their skills without the burden of high costs, making this valuable training accessible to a wider audience.

Latest Technologies

Latest Technologies

Stay ahead in the cloud computing domain with our Microsoft Azure Administrator Training. We cover the latest technologies and updates in Azure services, ensuring our students are well-versed in contemporary cloud solutions. This cutting-edge knowledge prepares them to meet industry demands and excel in their careers.

Backup Sessions for Missed Classes

Our Microsoft Azure Administrator Training in Hyderabad offers backup sessions to ensure no student falls behind. These supplementary sessions allow learners to catch up on missed content, ensuring a seamless learning experience and mastery of Azure administration skills.

Azure Admin Certification

Our training emphasizes practical exposure, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. Through hands-on labs and projects, learners gain valuable experience with Azure environments, enhancing their problem-solving skills and preparing them for challenges they'll face in their professional lives.

Practical Exposure

Practical Exposure

Upon completing our Microsoft Azure Administrator Training, students receive a certification that validates their expertise in Azure administration. This accreditation is recognized by leading companies worldwide, significantly enhancing the resume and opening doors to numerous opportunities in the cloud computing sector.


Joining the Azure Data Factory training was a game-changer for me. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, breaking down complex topics into easy-to-understand segments. The practical sessions particularly stood out, providing hands-on experience that was invaluable. I feel fully equipped to tackle real-world data integration challenges now.
The Microsoft Azure Administrator course offered a comprehensive deep dive into managing cloud services. What impressed me most was the balance between theory and practical exercises. The support from the teaching staff was exceptional, and they were always ready to clarify doubts and ensure we understood the material.
Shaik Basheer
I was initially skeptical about online training, but this course exceeded my expectations. The interactive classes, combined with the extensive resources provided, made learning both enjoyable and effective. The guidance on navigating Azure's infrastructure was top-notch, setting a solid foundation for my career.
Rajesh Babu
This training program stands out for its practical approach to learning. The projects we worked on were reflective of real-world scenarios, which significantly enhanced my understanding of Azure Data Factory and Microsoft Azure. The instructors' expertise and patience made all the difference.
I appreciated the clarity and simplicity with which the courses were delivered. The instructors were adept at demystifying complicated topics, making learning a breeze. The support and encouragement from the teaching staff were invaluable, driving me to achieve my best
What sets this course apart is the personalized attention each student receives. Despite the complex topics, the instructors ensured that we grasped the concepts thoroughly. The career guidance and interview preparation sessions were incredibly helpful, giving me the confidence to excel in job interviews

Frequently Asked Questions

The total duration for Azure Admin Training in Hyderabad is 45 days. However, in some scenarios, it extends to 55 days. Moreover, we also have weekend batches available.

Basic knowledge of cloud computing concepts and some experience with Microsoft Azure is recommended, though beginners are welcome as foundational topics are covered.

Yes, after successfully completing the course, you will receive a certification of completion. Preparation for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate exam is also included.

Yes, we at Coding Pro Masters offer both Online Azure Data Factory training as well as Offline training courses. 

The course covers Azure subscriptions, managing virtual machines, Azure Active Directory, networking, storage, and monitoring, among other key administrative tasks.

Yes, the course includes hands-on labs and projects to apply what you’ve learned in real-world scenarios.

Yes, after the course, our admin team will take care of placement processing, where we offer job placement assistance, including interview preparation and connecting students with potential employers.

Yes, we help our students with all doubts they have after completing the course, even on their projects. 

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