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Snowflake Training in Hyderabad


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Snowflake Training in Hyderabad Course Details

Snowflake Training in Hyderabad

Course Curriculum

Our Snowflake training program is designed per Industry standards, covering basics to advanced, including Snowflake Architecture, LTP Vs OLAP, Data Warehouse and its needs, and much more. The total course duration of the Snowflake Training program is 45 days, which ensures our trainees learn the core concepts in detail. 

  • Snowflake Overview
  • Architecture
  • How to use the Snowflake UI & ecosystem
  • What is Cloud
  • Different Cloud Vendors
  • Advantages of Cloud over On-Premise
  • What is a Data Warehouse, and Why do we need a Data Warehouse?
  • Database Vs Data Warehouse.
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • What is ETL

  • How different from traditional DB
  • Quick start to the snowflake and accessing the trial account
  • Creating warehouse, DB, Schema, and tables
  • Accessing different roles and using it
  • Working with worksheets
  • Understanding different types of accounts
  • AWS and understanding S3 storage
  • Snowflake architecture and caching
  • AZURE and understanding blob storage
  • GCP and understanding Bucket storage

  • File formats
  • Internal and external storage
  • Internal and external stage
  • Copy into usage
  • Snowflake internal storage
  • Accessing Cloud storage data into Snowflake (GCP, AZURE and AWS)
  • Data unloading
  • Accessing Snowpipe
  • PUT and GET commands
  • Bulk loading from cloud storage
  • Continuous loading
  • Snowflake Connector and use cases Python
  • BI connectors use cases
  • Other connectors hands-on
  • Variant Data Type
  • File format options
  • Creating stages
  • Loading JSON semi-structured data into SF tables
  • Accessing JSON with select statement
  • Creating Tasks
  • Streams
  • Accessing procedures with tasks
  • Scheduling as per time with Different time zones
  • Automate the loading process Daily and Weekly
  • Usage of sharing data
  • Sharing data with different accounts
  • Sharing data with non-SF accounts using reader accounts
  • Importance of reader accounts
  • Privileges in data sharing
  • Challenges with cross-region sharing and understanding replication
  • Connecting shared objects with BI tools
  • Limitations to Data Sharing
  • Access Control Privileges for Cloned Objects.
  • Cloning and Snowflake Objects
  • Impact of DDL on Cloning
  • Impact of DML and Data Retention on Cloning
  • Introduction to Time Travel
  • Querying Historical Data
  • Enabling and Disabling Time Travel
  • Data Retention Period
  • Cloning Using Time Travel (Databases, Schemas, and Tables Only)
  • Creating multi-users on large tables
  • Performance techniques
  • Result set cache
  • Metadata cache
  • Query data cache
  • Best practices of using caching for performance and cost optimization
  • Error Handling and Validations
  • Snowflake Pricing model and selecting best Edition and Calculation of Credits usage
  • Resource Monitoring
  • Data Masking
  • Partitioning and Clustering in Snowflake
  • Materialized View and Normal View
  • Integration with Python
  • Integration with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Best Practices to follow

Practice Test and Interview Questions: At Coding Pro Masters, we provide practice tests created by certified Snowflake trainers and industry experts at the end of the course, along with snowflake interview questions and answers to test your knowledge. 

Practice Mock Interview Sessions and Technical Job Support: We at Coding Pro Masters provide learners with practice mock interview sessions and excellent job support at the end of the course, which not only helps you enrich your career opportunities in Snowflake but also helps you crack the interview.

Key Points of Snowflake Course in Hyderabad

Comprehensive Course Curriculum

Comprehensive Course Curriculum and Syllabus

At Coding Pro Masters, our Snowflake online training in Hyderabad offers a detailed curriculum covering key concepts such as Snowflake architecture, virtual warehouses, data loading techniques, and querying data using SQL. Trainees will gain in-depth knowledge of Snowflake's cloud data platform, preparing them for real-world data analytics challenges.

Industry Experienced and Certified Trainers

Our trainers, with years of industry experience and Snowflake certification, provide expert guidance throughout the course. Trainees will learn Snowflake in more detail, benefit from their practical insights, and learn best practices for implementing Snowflake data in various data warehousing scenarios.

Hands-on Training Approach

Hands-on Training Approach

With our hands-on approach, trainees can work on practical projects, applying their concepts of Snowflake knowledge to solve real-world problems. Students will learn to use Snowflake's features effectively, such as data sharing, clustering, and role-based access control.


Flexible Training Options

We offer flexible training options, including classroom training and weekday and weekend batches, to suit the diverse schedules of our trainees. Working professionals and students who want to learn Snowflake training courses from the comfort of their place can enroll in our online Snowflake training session without disrupting their routines.


Placement Assistance

We at Coding Pro Masters offer the best Snowflake training program with dedicated placement assistance that helps trainees secure job opportunities in top companies. Our dedicated team provides trainees with resume-building tips, conducts mock interviews, and connects trainees with potential employers.

Practical Projects

Practical Projects

Our Snowflake training features practical project exposure, where our Snowflake professionals provide trainees with live projects for hands-on practice so that they can apply their theoretical learning. Moreover, working on practical projects helps trainees simulate real-world data scenarios, allowing them to gain hands-on experience and build a strong portfolio of work.

Positive Trainees Feedback

Positive Trainees Feedback

Our trainees consistently provide positive feedback to our Snowflake training course in Hyderabad. The number of positive feedback displays the quality of our training, the expertise of our trainers, and the practical relevance of the Snowflake course curriculum we cover. 

Post-Training Support

Post Training Support

Our Snowflake online courses come with post-training support, where our dedicated team members and professionals support our trainees even after they complete the training. Our team helps candidates clarify their doubts, seek project guidance, and stay updated with the latest developments in Snowflake.

Interactive Learning Environment

Interactive Learning Environment

Our interactive learning environment encourages trainees to actively participate in discussions, ask questions, and collaborate with other candidates, which helps them share their knowledge and provides a perfect learning experience that enhances their understanding and retention of concepts.

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing solution that allows businesses to store, manage, and analyze large volumes of data efficiently. Unlike traditional data warehouses, Snowflake is built on a flexible architecture that separates storage and computing, enabling seamless scalability and high performance.
With its comprehensive features, Snowflake supports a wide range of data workloads, including data integration, business intelligence, and advanced analytics.

At Coding Pro Masters, our Snowflake training program is designed to equip you with the essential skills to leverage this powerful platform. Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from fundamental concepts to advanced techniques, ensuring you understand Snowflake’s capabilities deeply.
Through hands-on projects and practical sessions, you’ll learn how to manage data pipelines, optimize queries, and implement best practices for data security.
By the end of the training, you’ll be proficient in using Snowflake to drive data-driven decision-making in your organization, positioning yourself for career advancement in the competitive field of data analytics. Join Coding Pro Masters and become a Snowflake expert today.

Snowflake Online Training in Hyderabad

Course Objective

Snowflake Training in Hyderabad by Coding Pro Masters aims to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge, where students will learn snowflakes from basic to advanced. 
Our comprehensive course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of Snowflake architecture, data loading techniques, performance tuning, and advanced querying capabilities.
By the end of this training, participants will be proficient in using Snowflake for data warehousing and analytics, enabling them to leverage its powerful features for real-world applications.
Whether you are a beginner looking to kickstart your career in data analytics or an experienced professional seeking to enhance your skills, this course is tailored to meet your learning objectives.
Enroll now at Coding Pro Masters, the best Snowflake training institute in Hyderabad, and embark on a rewarding journey towards mastering Snowflake.

Who Should Take the Snowflake Course?


Snowflake Training in Hyderabad

Course Outline

Students will start by understanding the basics of Snowflake, a cloud-based data warehousing platform. We'll cover key concepts such as cloud computing, data warehousing, and how Snowflake integrates with various cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. This foundation is crucial for grasping the subsequent advanced topics.

Students will learn how to set up their Snowflake environment. This includes creating a Snowflake account, navigating the user interface, and configuring the basic settings. By the end of this step, students will be comfortable with the Snowflake console and ready to start working on data projects.

The trainer will teach students to load data into Snowflake from different sources, such as local files, cloud storage, and databases. Students will also learn how to unload data back to these sources. Practical exercises will ensure they gain hands-on experience with data ingestion and extraction techniques in Snowflake.

Students will dive into Snowflake's SQL capabilities. They will learn how to write queries, create and manage tables, and use advanced SQL features unique to Snowflake. Students will develop the skills to perform complex data analysis and manipulation within Snowflake by practicing with real-world datasets.

In this step, students will learn about Snowflake's security features, including role-based access control (RBAC), data encryption, and network policies. We'll also cover best practices for data governance to ensure that students can manage their data securely and compliantly.

Finally, students learn how to optimize the performance of their Snowflake environment and manage costs effectively. This includes understanding Snowflake's architecture, using caching techniques, and configuring virtual warehouses. Students will also learn to monitor usage and set up cost alerts to stay within budget.

About Snowflake Systems Certification Course

Snowflake is a powerful cloud-based data warehousing platform that allows users to handle and analyze vast amounts of data efficiently. It provides unique features such as scalability, performance, and seamless data sharing, making it a preferred choice for many businesses.

Snowflake’s architecture separates storage and computing, enabling users to scale up or down based on their needs without downtime. Our Snowflake Training in Hyderabad offers comprehensive coverage of its architecture, core functionalities, and practical applications.

The course is designed to help students understand the intricacies of data warehousing, cloud storage, and SQL. We emphasize hands-on training through live projects and real-world scenarios to ensure our students gain practical experience.

At Coding Pro Masters, we are dedicated to helping our students become proficient in Snowflake. Our experienced trainers employ industrial techniques to provide in-depth knowledge and skills.

By the end of the Snowflake Training in Hyderabad, you will have the expertise to handle various data warehousing tasks, making you a strong candidate for job opportunities in top companies. Join us to elevate your career prospects with our focused and practical Snowflake training program.

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