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GoLang Training in Hyderabad Course Details

GoLang Training in Hyderabad

Course Curriculum

Our GoLang course syllabus has been designed per the industry standards that ensure quality training and fit the requirements for the current job demands for GoLang. Our trainers will cover the complete course in our 45-day GoLang training program. 

  • Understanding of Go
  • Features and advantages
  • Installation, setup, and development environment of Go
  • Writing and running a basic program
  • Constants and Variables
  • Basic Data Types (Strings, Floats, Booleans, Integers)
  • Complex Data Types (slices, app, structs, arrays)
  • Expressions and operators
  • Control structures ) if statements, switch statements, and loops)
  • Invoking and declaration of functions
  • Parameters and return values
  • Packages and organization of codes
  • Anonymous functions and closures
  • Importing of packages and functions from the packages
  • Understanding errors in Go
  • Handling errors with ‘error’ Interface
  • Dealing with panics and recovery
  • Debugging techniques and tools in Go
  • Concurrency and its introduction
  • Concurrent execution and Goroutines
  • communication with Goroutines using channels
  • Best practices for concurrent programming in Go
  • Synchronization and mutual exclusion with Mutexes
  • How to write tests using ‘testing’ package
  • Running and generating the test coverage reports
  • Writing and analyzing benchmarks by measuring performance and optimizing the code and results
  • Advanced data Structures like nested maps, slices of slices
  • Memory management and pointers
  • Interface{}type and reflection
  • working with the IO Operations and Files
  • Web development with Go (routing, middleware, HTTP servers)
  • Writing idiomatic and clean Go Code
  • Application of SOLID principles in Go
  • Error handling and its best practices
  • Using the Design patterns in Go, for example, Singleton Factory
  • Optimization of performance and other techniques
  • Collaborative project development
  • Application of concepts in real-world scenarios
  • Controlling versions using GitHub and Git
  • Coding review and collaboration best practices
  • Presentation of Final Projects by participants
  • Feedback and evaluation
  • Recap of crucial concept areas and takeaways
  • Certification and next steps

Practice Test and Interview Questions: At Coding Pro Masters, we provide practice tests created by certified GoLang trainers and industry experts at the end of the course, along with GoLang Interview Questions and answers to test your knowledge. 

Practice Mock Interview Sessions and Technical Job Support: We at Coding pro masters provide learners with practice mock interview sessions and excellent job support at the end of the course, which not only helps you enrich your career opportunities in GoLang but also helps you crack the interview.

Key Points of GoLang Training in Hyderabad

Comprehensive Course Curriculum

Comprehensive Course Curriculum and Syllabus

At Coding Pro Masters, we offer a perfectly designed GoLang course syllabus that delivers both fundamental and advanced Go programming concepts. Trainees will gain insight into GoLang's unique features, including efficient compilation, execution models, and an expansive standard library, equipping them with the skills needed to excel in the tech industry.

Industry Experienced and Certified Trainers

We at Coding Pro Masters have a team of industry-experienced and certified trainers who are not just experts in GoLang but are also passionate about sharing their knowledge. They bring valuable insights into Go's static typing, interfaces, and best practices for writing scalable and maintainable code.

Hands-on Training Approach

Hands-on Training Approach

Our training methodology emphasizes a hands-on approach, ensuring that participants at Coding Pro Masters engage in practical exercises from the very beginning. This immersive experience is designed to teach trainees how to construct robust applications using GoLang's co-occurrence features, such as Goroutines and Channels.


Flexible Training Options

Understanding the diverse needs of our trainees, Coding Pro Masters offers flexible training options, including online, weekend, and evening batches. This flexibility allows our participants to learn at their own pace, mastering GoLang's syntax, control structures, and error handling without disrupting their daily routines.


Placement Assistance

At Coding Pro Masters, we are committed to not only educating our trainees but also supporting them in kickstarting their careers. Our placement assistance program connects trainees with leading tech companies, helping them secure promising positions as GoLang developers.

Practical Projects

Practical Projects

We believe in the power of real-world application. That's why our curriculum at Coding Pro Masters includes practical projects that challenge trainees to apply their GoLang skills in scenarios ranging from web development to microservices, preparing them for the demands of the tech industry.

Positive Trainees Feedback

Positive Trainees Feedback

The success of our trainees is our greatest endorsement. At Coding Pro Masters, we are honored to receive consistently positive feedback, highlighting the quality of our curriculum, the expertise of our trainers, and the practical, hands-on nature of our training.

Post-Training Support

Post Training Support

Our support extends beyond just providing the training. Coding Pro Masters offers comprehensive post-training support, including doubt-clearing sessions and guidance on complex projects, ensuring that our trainees continue to grow and succeed in their GoLang endeavors.

Interactive Learning Environment

Interactive Learning Environment

At Coding Pro Masters, we foster an interactive and engaging learning environment. Through lively discussions, group projects, and interactive sessions, we encourage our trainees to explore GoLang's unique features creatively, fostering innovation and problem-solving skills.

What is GoLang

GoLang, or Go, is a modern programming language developed by Google to meet the needs of today’s developers. It’s designed to be simple, efficient, and reliable, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, from web development to cloud services.
What sets Go apart is its ease of use, which allows both students and working professionals to learn and apply its concepts in practical scenarios quickly. Training in GoLang can significantly boost your coding skills, offering a strong foundation in concurrent programming and system development.
With Coding Pro Masters, you embark on a learning journey that equips you with the tools and understanding necessary to excel in the tech industry. Our courses are tailored to foster a deep understanding of GoLang’s syntax and functionalities, ensuring you’re well-prepared to tackle real-world challenges.
Whether you’re just starting your coding journey or looking to enhance your existing skill set, Coding Pro Masters provides an accessible and comprehensive GoLang training that bridges theoretical knowledge with practical application, setting you up for success in your career.

GoLang Training in Hyderabad

Course Objective

The GoLang course objective is to equip trainees with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic world of Go programming. Whether you’re a working professional looking to expand your skill set or a beginner willing to start your career in the world of backend development, our comprehensive course will surely help you. 
Led by industry experts with years of experience in GoLang, our training program covers everything from the basics of syntax and data structures to advanced topics like concurrency and web development.
With hands-on projects and real-world examples, you’ll learn the fundamentals of GoLang and gain practical experience that you can apply immediately in your projects. Plus, our flexible schedule and personalized attention ensure you get the support you need to succeed.
Join Coding Pro Masters’ GoLang Training in Hyderabad today and advance your programming career.

Who Should Take GoLang Course?


GoLang Training in Hyderabad

Course Outline

Trainees will begin their learning journey by familiarizing themselves with the GoLang environment, where they will install Go, set up their workspace, and understand the GoPATH. This foundational step ensures students are well-prepared to write, compile, and execute Go programs efficiently.

Following the setup, students dive into the core of GoLang, starting with its syntax and types, where they will learn about Go's variables, types, constants, and control structures. This knowledge is crucial for developing a solid programming foundation and preparing them for more complex topics.

Trainees will then progress to understanding functions and packages in GoLang. They'll get an overview of defining functions, passing parameters, returning values, and organizing code effectively using packages. This step is essential for writing modular and maintainable code in Go.

One of GoLang's standout features is its built-in support for concurrency. Here, students will explore goroutines and channels, learning to write concurrent programs that can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. This knowledge is critical for developing efficient and scalable applications.

As trainees advance, they'll delve into the object-oriented aspects of GoLang, specifically interfaces and structures, where they will learn how to define and implement interfaces, create custom types with structures, and understand the principles of composition over inheritance. This section strengthens their ability to design robust Go applications.

Finally, students will apply all the knowledge acquired by working on real-world projects, so they get hands-on experience with web development in Go, accessing databases, and using third-party libraries. This practical step bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application, ensuring trainees are job-ready upon completion of the training.

About GoLang Training in Hyderabad

Google Go or Golang is an open-source programming language designed to build reliable, fast, and efficient software for various applications. Developed by Google, GoLang is perfect for modern software development, offering solutions that seamlessly handle multi-threading, efficient data management, and robust system design.

Our GoLang training in Hyderabad is perfectly designed for students looking to dive into the software field, aiming to equip them with theoretical knowledge and the practical skills needed to secure job opportunities.

At Coding Pro Masters, we understand the needs of our students and the industry’s demands. Our curriculum is designed to be student-friendly, easy-to-understand teaching techniques that help students quickly learn complex concepts.
We prioritize hands-on learning, ensuring that by the end of this course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of GoLang. Our commitment is to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application, making candidates job-ready. 

Modes of GoLang Training in Hyderabad

At Coding Pro Masters, we understand everyone has a different learning style, so we offer various training modes for our Data Analytics courses in Hyderabad. Our training is available online, offline, and for corporate groups, each designed to suit your specific needs.
Online Training

Online Training

Our GoLang online training in Hyderabad offers a comprehensive curriculum from basic to advanced levels, designed for flexibility and convenience. Participants receive daily recorded videos to accommodate their learning pace, alongside live project exposure. This format includes lifetime access to a supportive WhatsApp group, 100% placement assistance, and personalized interview guidance, catering to learners globally with internet access.

Offline Training

Offline Training

For those who prefer a traditional classroom setting, our offline GoLang training in Hyderabad delivers hands-on learning from basic to advanced techniques. Students benefit from daily recorded sessions, practical project experience, and lifetime membership in a dedicated WhatsApp group. This face-to-face interaction ensures direct support, backed by our commitment to 100% placement assistance and interview preparation.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Perfect for businesses, our GoLang corporate training in Hyderabad focuses on upskilling teams from the ground up. It includes daily recorded tutorials, live project involvement, and a lifetime group for ongoing support. The training promises specialized interview coaching to enhance workforce capabilities, aligning with corporate objectives and growth strategies.

GoLang Training in Hyderabad

Course Prerequisites

Candidates should look into the prerequisites if they are looking for GoLang training in Hyderabad. These are designed to be straightforward, ensuring that learners from various backgrounds can begin their training journey with confidence and ease.

Basic Programming Knowledge: A general understanding of programming concepts like variables, control structures, and simple data types will ease the learning curve in GoLang training.

Familiarity with Command Line Interface (CLI): Comfort with using the command line for executing programs will be helpful, though it’s easy to learn on the go.

Understanding of Software Development Principles: Knowledge of basic software development practices, including version control with Git, can enhance the learning experience but isn’t mandatory to start.

Interest in Web Development and Cloud Technology: Curiosity about building web applications and using cloud services will make the GoLang training more exciting and relevant.

Problem-Solving Skills: An aptitude for solving problems will enable learners to tackle programming challenges effectively with GoLang.

Willingness to Learn: A strong desire to learn and explore new programming languages is more critical than having advanced technical skills at the outset.

Collaborative Mindset: An openness to work on projects with peers and participate in community discussions can significantly enhance the learning process.

Career Opportunities After GoLang Training

GoLang training opens numerous career opportunities for students who are willing to build their careers in the software field. Companies value GoLang’s efficiency and scalability, leading to competitive salaries and a robust job market. GoLang’s expertise becomes in demand as industries evolve, unlocking potential in software development, data science, and beyond. Here are some of the job roles trainees can get into.

Google GoLang Developer

A Google GoLang Developer specializes in using Google’s Go programming language to build and maintain software applications. This role involves contributing to large-scale projects at Google, focusing on creating efficient, scalable, and reliable software solutions that leverage Go's strengths in concurrency, ease of use, and performance.

GoLang Engineer

A GoLang Engineer is proficient in the Go programming language is tasked with engineering software systems and applications. They design, code, test, and debug software, ensuring it meets both technical and consumer needs. Their work spans developing high-performance backend systems, microservices, and APIs that are scalable and maintainable.

Systems Engineer

Focuses on developing and maintaining an organization's computing systems. Using GoLang, Systems Engineers ensure systems are efficient, scalable, and secure, contributing to the infrastructure's overall stability and performance.

Software Developer

A Software Developer is a technology professional responsible for designing, coding, testing, and maintaining software applications. While not limited to GoLang, those proficient in it use the language to create efficient, reliable, and scalable software across various platforms, including web, mobile, and desktop environments.

Golang Application Developer

A Golang Application Developer focuses on creating applications specifically with GoLang. They leverage Go's simplicity and efficiency to develop software that can easily scale and perform under high demand. Their work often involves building web applications, cloud services, and backend systems that require high concurrency and fast execution times.

Golang Trainer

A Golang Trainer is an expert in GoLang who educates and mentors others in the language. They develop training materials, conduct workshops, and offer courses aimed at programmers looking to learn GoLang. Their role is crucial in expanding the GoLang community, ensuring learners acquire the skills needed to succeed in developing Go-based applications.

Market Trend in GoLang Course Hyderabad

GoLang, also known as Go, has significantly impacted the programming world, ranking as the 13th most popular programming language globally and the fourteenth most commonly used among developers. This demonstrates its growing acceptance and versatility in solving modern programming challenges.
The Go community is robust, with approximately 2.7 million developers worldwide who use Go as their primary programming language, highlighting its widespread adoption and the trust developers place in its capabilities.
The largest Go developers concentration is in Asia, where around 570 thousand professionals use it as their primary language. This regional preference underscores the language’s appeal in high-demand tech solutions and innovation markets.
The popularity of Go in such a diverse and competitive landscape is a testament to its efficiency, concurrency support, and ease of use, making it a preferred choice for building scalable, high-performance applications.
The statistics reflect Go’s current standing in the programming community and hint at its potential for future growth and influence in technology development worldwide.

Skills developed after GoLang Training In Hyderabad


Students gain knowledge of Go’s fundamental syntax and semantics, enabling them to write concise and efficient code. This foundation is crucial for tackling complex programming challenges with ease.


Students learn to leverage Go routines and channels, equipping them with the skills to build highly scalable and concurrent applications to set them apart in the tech industry.


Through hands-on projects, students can utilize Go’s extensive standard library, which includes working with file systems, web servers, and databases, ensuring they can develop comprehensive applications without reinventing the wheel.


Students gain valuable experience developing RESTful APIs using Go. This skill is in high demand, as it enables the creation of scalable and maintainable web services that are the backbone of modern web applications.


Students learn to effectively use tools like GoFmt, GoLint, and GoDoc, enhancing their productivity and ensuring their code meets industry standards.


Students are taught best practices in Go programming, including effective error handling, testing strategies, and code organization, which prepares them to write clean, maintainable code that matches real-world application development’s rigors.


With the rise of microservices, students learn how to design and implement microservice architectures using Go, helping them gain the knowledge that is essential for developing modern, scalable, and resilient applications.


Finally, students become proficient in using version control systems like Git and understand the importance of collaboration in software development, which ensures they can work effectively in teams, an essential skill in the tech industry.

Benefits of GoLang Certification


Why choose us for GoLang Training in Hyderabad?


Career Guidance

Choose our GoLang training in Hyderabad for unparalleled career guidance. Our experienced mentors offer personalized advice, helping you navigate the tech landscape. With insights into industry trends and job market demands, we ensure you're well-equipped for a successful career in software development, making us the ideal choice for ambitious learners.

Affordable Fee

Affordable Fees

Our GoLang training program in Hyderabad stands out for its affordability. We believe in providing quality education without burdening students with hefty fees. This approach ensures that learners from various backgrounds have the opportunity to enhance their skills in GoLang programming, making advanced education accessible to everyone.

Latest Technologies

Latest Technologies

Embrace the future with our GoLang training in Hyderabad, where we integrate the latest technologies into our curriculum. Staying ahead of tech trends, we prepare students for the evolving job market, equipping them with modern skills that are in high demand. This forward-thinking approach sets our learners apart in the competitive tech industry.

Backup Sessions for Missed Classes

Our GoLang training in Hyderabad is designed with flexibility in mind, offering backup sessions to ensure no one falls behind. Whether you miss a class due to unforeseen circumstances or need a refresher, we provide scheduled sessions to keep your learning on track. This commitment to student success makes our program uniquely supportive.

GoLang Certification

Gain hands-on experience with our GoLang training in Hyderabad, where practical exposure is critical to our teaching methodology. Through real-world projects and case studies, students develop a deep understanding of GoLang, enabling them to apply their knowledge effectively in professional settings and solve complex problems with confidence.

Practical Exposure

Practical Exposure

Completing our GoLang training in Hyderabad earns you a prestigious course completion certification. This certification not only validates your expertise in GoLang but also enhances your resume, making you a desirable candidate for top tech companies. It is a validation of your commitment and skill, opening doors to numerous career opportunities.


I recently completed the GoLang course at Coding Pro Masters. The curriculum was comprehensive, covering everything from basics to advanced topics. The instructors were experts in their field, providing real-world examples that made learning engaging. Their support went beyond the classroom, helping me with doubts at times. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to master GoLang.
Enrolling in the GoLang training with Coding Pro Masters was a game-changer for me. The lessons were structured to make complex concepts easy to grasp. The practical sessions complemented the theory well, providing a holistic learning experience. It's the best place to learn GoLang, hands down.
Coding Pro Masters offered an excellent GoLang course that exceeded my expectations. The trainers were incredibly knowledgeable and always available to clarify doubts. The hands-on approach helped me gain confidence in coding. Their support in job placement was an added bonus. Truly a top-notch learning experience.
I found the GoLang training at Coding Pro Masters to be exceptionally rewarding. The instructors were passionate and highly skilled, making each session interactive and informative. The course materials were up-to-date and comprehensive, covering all aspects of GoLang. I feel fully equipped to tackle any GoLang project now.
The GoLang course at Coding Pro Masters was exactly what I needed to advance my coding skills. The instructors provided personalized attention, ensuring that we understood the material thoroughly. The practical sessions were invaluable, offering hands-on experience with real-world applications. I'm grateful for such a supportive learning environment.
The GoLang Training at Coding Pro Masters was fantastic. It was the perfect balance of theoretical knowledge and practical application. The projects were relevant and interesting, which made the learning process fun. I now feel confident in my ability to work with GoLang in any professional setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoLang, also known as Go, is a statically typed, compiled programming language designed at Google. It’s known for its simplicity, efficiency, and strong support for concurrent programming.

The course suits beginners and professionals looking to shift their careers and interested in programming, software engineers looking to expand their skills, and professionals seeking to specialize in Go for web development, DevOps, and cloud services.

Basic knowledge of programming concepts like variables, loops, and functions is helpful but not mandatory. However, we designed the course in such a way that any student who is a completely newbie can adapt to the course quickly without any prior knowledge of coding. 

The duration can vary, but most courses run for 45 days, with both part-time and full-time options to accommodate different schedules.

The course typically lasts 45 days, with weekday and weekend batches available to accommodate different schedules.

Yes, we at Coding Pro Masters offer online GoLang and classroom training, allowing students to learn from home at their own pace.

The course covers Go syntax, control structures, data types, concurrency, packages, and error handling. It also includes practical projects to apply what you’ve learned.

Yes, to ensure practical learning, the course includes several hands-on projects covering real-world applications of Go.

Yes, participants who complete the course will receive a certification, which can be a valuable addition to your professional portfolio.

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