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Azure Data Factory Training In Hyderabad


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Azure Data Factory Training In Hyderabad Course Details

Azure Data Factory Training in Hyderabad

Course Curriculum

At Coding Pro Masters, we offer a comprehensive course curriculum designed by industrial experts and comprehensively covers the course. Trainees will learn about Azure data storage, Azure stream analytics, Azure blog storage, what an Azure SQL database is and how it works, and much more. 

The total course duration of the training is 3 months, which ensures our trainees will learn all the core concepts, including theoretical, and have more in-depth practical exposure so that they can handle the real-time projects at their job location. 

  • What is Data?
  • How many types of databases (OLTP&OLAP)
  • Types Cloud Vendors
  • What is on-premises and what is cloud
  • Differences between on-premises and cloud
  • what is Cloud computing
  • what are services offering Microsoft Azure
  • Advantages of cloud computing
  • Types of cloud deployments
  • Types of Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Azure vs AWS
  • How to Create an Azure Account
  • Azure Architecture & Services
  • How to Create Resources and Resource Groups in Microsoft Azure
  • How to create VirtualMachine
  • How to create SQL in virtual machines
  • Containers/Blob Storages
  • File
  • Queues
  • Tables
  • Blob Storage vs Data Lake
  • What is Data Lake
  • Date Lake Gen1 Vs Gen2
  • How to store data in the data lake
  • How to Query data from the data lake to SQL Server.
  • Introduction to Azure Data Lake U-SQL Batch Job
  • Data Lake Analytics
  • How to Schedule Data Lake Analytics Jobs using Data Factory
  • Azure Blob to Data Lake Gen 2 using Data Factory
  • What is HD-insight
  •  Azure SQL
  • Dedicated SQL Pool is Formerly known as DW
  • SQL VM’s
  • SQL Managed Instances
  • Azure Synapse Warehouse

  • Security in Storage Account

  • Access keys
  • Connection strings
  • Share Access Signatures (SAS Tokens)
  • Service Principal Identity Mechanism(Tenant ID, Client ID, Secret Key)
  • Compare SQL Database vs Azure Data Warehouse
  • How to Create Azure Data Warehouse
  • How to cross-query data in a Data Warehouse
  • Polybase using Azure Data warehouse
  • How to Query Azure SQL Data Warehouse from On-premises SSMS and Cloud
  • How to Load Data to Azure Data Warehouse using Data Factory from Azure SQL
  • How to Load Data from on-premises to Cloud SQL DW using data factory
  • What is AzureData Factory vs SSIS
  • What is Linked Services
  • What is Data Sets
  • What is Pipelines
  • Parameters vs Variables
  • Copy Data
  • Monitoring pipelines using different approaches
  • Different kinds of integration runtimes
  • How to create pipelines from a template
  • How to do Transformations using Data Flows
  • How to configure different Integration Runtimes
  • Azure Integration Runtime
  • Auto resolve Integration runtime
  • Azure self Hosted Integration Runtime
  • SSIS Integration Runtime
  • Triggering the Pipelines by using 3 types of Triggers
  • Move & transform
  • Copy Data
  • General activities
  • Web Activity
  • Execute Pipeline
  • Execute SSIS Package
  • Get Metadata
  • Lookup
  • Stored procedure
  • Set Variable
  • Delete
  • Wait
  • Until
  • Iteration & Conditionals
  • Filter
  • For Each
  • If Condition
  • Until
  • Source
  • Lookup
  • Derived Column
  • Alter Row
  • Conditional Split
  • Sink
  • What are ARM Templates used for Deployment
  • How to Deploy Data Factory Pipelines DEV, Test, Prod
  • Environment
  • Version Control and Code Repository in Azure DevOps
  • Debugging and Monitoring Pipelines
  • Error handling and Logging error records
  • Lift and Shift SSIS packages into Azure Data Factor
  • What are Logic Apps
  • How to Create Workflow using Logic Apps in Azure
  • How to Send Mail using the Logic app in Azure Data Factory
  • What is REST APIS, and how do you transfer the data from JSON format into Azure SQL Tables?
  • Azure Event Hub’s:
  • How to create Event hubs, use streaming Analytics, and get the streaming data and send it to Blob storages By Using Logic Apps.
  • What is Databricks
  • How to Create Data Bricks Free Account
  • What is Workspace in Data Bricks
  • Different Kind of Clusters in Data Bricks
  • Basics of Spark
  • What is Note Books
  • How to Mount Data Take to data bricks using Scala
  • Reading data From Blob storage and Writing into Azure SQL
  • Reading data From Data Lake storage and Writing into Azure
  • SQL
  • using spark sql
  • Explore, Analyze, Clean, Transform, and Load Data in Data bricks using SQL
  • Python vs scata vs SQL
  • Configure data bricks
  • schedule and Run Notebooks in Azure Data Factory with the real-time notebooks
  • Access Keys
  • Shared Access Signature
  • Azure Active Directory
  • How to register App in Azure Active Directory
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Azure Key Vaults
  • Explanation
  • Will cover end to end flow of a project
  • How will get the requirements
  • What kind of requirements will get?
  • Documentation
  • End-to-end implementation
  • Unit test case preparation
  • DMR and FS Documents
  • Will Conduct Mockup Interviews
  • Testing and Feedback for Your App
  • Setting up a Test Environment
  • Usability Testing by Participants
  • Starting your Test Session
  • Analyzing your Test
  • Publishing Flutter Apps
  • Publishing Android App on Google Play Store
  • Publishing iOS app on Apple Store

Practice Test and Interview Questions: Our Microsoft Azure data factory certification course features practical tests and interview questions to ensure our students will be able to crack the jobs with ease and be job-ready just after completing the course. All of the practical tests and Azure Data Factory Interview Questions and answers are designed by our experts, ensuring our students can tackle the real-time interviews. 

Practice Mock Interview Sessions and Technical Job Support: We at Coding pro masters provide the learners with practice mock interview sessions and job support where our dedicated admin team will help the trainees with resume preparation, LinkedIn profile building, and much more to ensure our candidate gets Azure Data Factory jobs with ease.

Key Points of ADF Training in Hyderabad

Comprehensive Course Curriculum

Comprehensive Course Curriculum and Syllabus

We at Coding Pro Masters offer our trainees a comprehensive ADF course curriculum that is designed by industry experts, ensuring the student develops their skills as per the industry standards. Our ADF course syllabus covers all of the basic to advanced ADF concepts, including data integration, ETL processes, and real-time data processing.

Industry Experienced and Certified Trainers

We at Coding Pro Masters have a team of industry-experienced trainers with 10+ years of working experience and have trained 700+ students. We make sure that our students learn Azure Data Factory from real-time working professionals and gain knowledge as per the industry demands. 

Hands-on Training Approach

Hands-on Training Approach

Our ADF course features a hands-on training approach where 70% is practical knowledge and 30% is theoretical learning, ensuring students will be able to perform what they learn in real-time. To make our practical more effective, we help our trainees with lab setups, projects, and exercises so that they can design, implement, and manage data integration to enhance their theoretical understanding and have the confidence to apply them in professional development.


Flexible Training Options

Our flexible training options ensure our training timing suits both freshers and working professionals without compromising their jobs or studies. Whether candidates prefer data factory online training or classroom training or need morning batches or evenings, we try to provide flexible training options at their convenience. Our weekend batches are specially designed for working professionals, and we help them with the customized course curriculum if required. 


Placement Assistance

Our course curriculum includes practice projects that ensure our students easily get started with Azure Data Factory and can handle real-world challenges by solving problems like data integration, transformation, and orchestration tasks. The training not only gives students confidence but also helps enhance their portfolio. Experts design all our projects to ensure candidates improve their practical skills and problem-solving abilities to potential employers. 

Practical Projects

Practical Projects

Our curriculum includes practical projects that offer real-world challenges, allowing trainees to apply what they've learned in a hands-on environment. These projects are designed around actual business cases, allowing students to work with Azure Data Factory to solve data integration, transformation, and orchestration tasks. Completing these projects will solidify students' understanding and enhance their portfolio, demonstrating their practical skills and problem-solving abilities to potential employers.

Positive Trainees Feedback

Positive Trainees Feedback

Our Azure Data Factory training in Hyderabad has received numerous positive feedbacks from our students who got trained and placed at our institute, highlighting our effective training approach, including the course curriculum, our trainer expertise, our primarily focused practical training approach, and our hands-on experience. Our trained students' success stories and satisfying results show our quality education and support us to evolve as one of the leading Azure Data Factory training institutes in Hyderabad.  

Post-Training Support

Post Training Support

As we believe in quality education, our commitment doesn't end with completing the course, which makes us different from other training institutes. We at Coding Pro Masters offer candidates lifetime support after completing the course, which ensures the student can acquire all the latest updates related to the Azure platform. We provide a dedicated WhatsApp group for all of our students who have completed the course from Coding Pro Masters, which allows them to ask their doubts related to work or projects to get a quick resolution. We always try to offer the best Azure data factory training to all our students who enroll in the course.

Interactive Learning Environment

Interactive Learning Environment

We at Coding Pro Masters ensure our Microsoft Azure Data Factory training is interactive and engaging, helping the trainees to ask their doubts easily and ensuring what the trainer is teaching them helps them apply it in live scenarios. We offer live and interactive sessions with group discussions where trainees can collaborate, share insights, and learn from each other's experiences, which encourages the trainees to learn things with ease and effectively. 

What is Microsoft Azure Data Factory?

Azure Data Factory (ADF) is a cloud-based data integration service provided by Microsoft that allows users to create, schedule, and orchestrate data workflows. It is designed to enable the seamless movement and transformation of data from various data sources to multiple destinations.

ADF supports a wide range of data processing services in both cloud and hybrid environments, making it a versatile tool for data integration, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, and data transformation tasks.

With Azure Data Factory, users can easily create data-driven workflows for automating data movement between supported data stores and processing data using computational services like Azure HDInsight Hadoop, Spark, Azure Data Lake Analytics, and Azure Machine Learning.

It provides a visual interface to construct data pipelines, which can be managed and monitored through the Azure portal, PowerShell, the Azure CLI, or the REST API. ADF is essential for businesses implementing complex data integration projects without writing extensive code.
It supports a variety of connectors that allow it to integrate with different data sources, including databases, file systems, and cloud services, enabling users to leverage data from across their entire organization to drive insights and make informed decisions.

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Azure Data Factory Training in Hyderabad

Course Objective

The Azure Data Factory course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively use Azure Data Factory as a key component in data engineering, data integration, and data transformation projects. The course aims to:

The primary objective of our Azure Data Factory Training Course in Hyderabad is to equip candidates with the essential knowledge and skills required for the Azure Data Factory effectively. 

Our course aims to provide trainees with a deep understanding of Azure Data Factory’s core concepts, architecture, and functionalities. Students will learn how to design, deploy, and manage data pipelines, enabling seamless data movement and transformation across various sources and destinations within Azure.


Our expert trainers will guide the trainees through hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios, ensuring that candidates are well-prepared to tackle data integration challenges in a cloud-centric environment.

By the end of this training, students will be trained in using Azure Data Factory to orchestrate and automate data workflows, optimize data processing, and leverage Azure services for data analytics and reporting.


Who Should Learn Azure Data Factory Course

Azure Data Factory training in Hyderabad is ideally suited for a wide range of professionals in data management, data integration, and analytics domains. This training can significantly benefit:


Azure Data Factory Training in Hyderabad

Course Outline

Trainees will start by diving into Azure Data Factory (ADF) essentials and understanding its role in data integration. Students get acquainted with the ADF architecture, including core components such as pipelines, datasets, linked services, and triggers. The foundational knowledge of ADF sets the stage for mastering data-driven workflows in the cloud.

Students will learn how to move and transform data across diverse data stores efficiently. Trainees get hands-on experience with data movement activities, leveraging ADF's copy activity for seamless data ingestion and using data flows for complex data transformation processes. This ensures students can handle data integration tasks with agility and precision.

Students learn to orchestrate and manage data pipelines by building on data movement and transformation. Moreover, trainees will get an overview of scheduling, monitoring, and managing pipelines for optimal data processing. which ensures they understand how to implement dependency management and trigger pipelines through practical exercises, ensuring timely and accurate data availability.

After students get the skill set of any data professional, they will dive into debugging and monitoring data pipelines, where trainees will learn to utilize ADF monitoring tools and features, gaining the ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues swiftly. That ensures their knowledge is crucial for maintaining high-quality data flows and ensuring data reliability.

As trainees progress, they will discover how ADF integrates with various Azure services like Azure Databricks, Azure HDInsight, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse. It helps students to expand their skill set, enabling them to build comprehensive data solutions that leverage the power of the Azure ecosystem for advanced analytics and data storage.

Students will apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios, learning best practices for designing and implementing efficient, scalable data solutions. Trainees will get an overview of scenario-based exercises, reflecting common data integration challenges and solutions. Finally, they get the practical experience that prepares them to tackle real-life data projects with confidence and expertise.

About Azure Data Factory Training in Hyderabad

At Coding Pro Masters, we provide the best Azure Data Factory Training in Hyderabad, designed to provide trainees with the skills needed to get excellent training. Our course is designed to offer both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, ensuring our students are well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

Modes of Azure Data Factory Training in Hyderabad

At Coding Pro Masters, we understand everyone has a different learning style, so we offer various training modes for our Azure Data Factory courses in Hyderabad. Our training is available online, offline, and for corporate groups, each designed to suit your specific needs.
Online Training

Online Training

Our online training platform offers a flexible and comprehensive learning experience for Azure Data Factory Technology, making it accessible to participants from anywhere. With high-quality video classes, interactive labs, and live sessions conducted by our certified trainers, learners can easily understand. The recorded session is shared after each live class, and students can access course materials, allowing them to learn at their own pace and convenience.

Offline Training

Offline Training

Our offline training options help our learners with the experience of face-to-face Azure Data Factory training instruction. The hands-on labs and practical projects allow learners to apply concepts in real time, enhancing skill acquisition and retention. Our Azure Data Factory offline training in Hyderabad is ideal for those who prefer structured learning and value networking opportunities, providing a comprehensive and engaging educational journey.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Our corporate training programs are focused on meeting the specific needs of organizations aiming to upskill their teams in Azure Data Factory Technology. Our approach is highly customizable, from the curriculum to the training schedule, ensuring alignment with your business objectives and project timelines. Our certified trainers, with extensive industry experience, deliver sessions onsite at your company premises or through our flexible online platforms, catering to teams across different locations.

Azure Data Factory Training in Hyderabad

Course Prerequisites

Before Enrolling for the Azure Data Factory course in Hyderabad, learners are advised to have a foundational understanding of certain concepts to achieve the best learning experience. There are no strict prerequisites, but understanding the following areas will make it easy.

Career Opportunities After Azure Data Factory Certification Course

The Azure Data Factory course is perfect for students and working professionals seeking career opportunities in cloud computing and data management. Companies, from startups to big MNCs, hire skilled professionals to orchestrate automated workflows on Azure, offering roles like Data Engineer, Cloud Architect, and Solutions Architect, promising growth and innovation paths. 

Azure Data Factory Developer

Specializes in designing, building, and maintaining scalable data integration solutions with Azure Data Factory. Focuses on data transformation, orchestration, and automation to support data analytics and business intelligence initiatives.

Cloud Solutions Architect

Designs and implements cloud computing solutions on Azure, optimizing scalability and reliability. Advises on best practices for cloud architecture, ensuring secure, cost-effective, and efficient cloud environments.

Data Integration Specialist

Responsible for combining data from various sources into a unified view. Utilizes Azure Data Factory for creating, scheduling, and managing data integration pipelines, enhancing data accessibility and analysis.

Data Pipeline Engineer

Develops and manages automated data pipelines in Azure Data Factory. Ensures data accuracy and availability for real-time analytics, focusing on streamlining data flows and improving data processing efficiency.

Azure Data Engineer

Builds and maintains the infrastructure for data generation on Azure. Works with big data technologies, focusing on data collection, storage, and analysis to inform strategic decisions.

Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

Utilizes Azure Data Factory to create data models and reports, transforming raw data into meaningful insights. Supports decision-making processes through the development of interactive dashboards and BI solutions.

Data Warehouse Architect

Designs and implements data warehousing solutions on Azure. Ensures data is structured for easy access and analysis, optimizing storage and retrieval processes for large datasets.

ETL Developer

Specializes in extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) processes using Azure Data Factory. Designs and implements ETL workflows, ensuring data quality and consistency across diverse data sources.

Cloud Data Consultant

Advises organizations on best practices for managing and analyzing data in the cloud. Offers strategies for leveraging Azure Data Factory to enhance data integration, security, and governance.

Market Trend in Azure Data Factory Training Program

The Azure Data Factory market trend showcases a significant rise in demand for cloud-based data integration tools, which is predicted to be more additional in 2024. This surge is primarily fueled by the increasing need to efficiently manage and transform vast volumes of data across diverse environments.
With its strong automation capabilities for data movement and transformation, Azure Data Factory fills this need by facilitating seamless integration across various data stores and cloud services.
As highlighted in recent discussions, the platform’s focus on performance optimization underscores its commitment to delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions. This aligns with the broader market’s shift towards agile, scalable, and responsive data integration and management solutions, positioning Azure Data Factory as a pivotal tool in the cloud data ecosystem. Read the complete report here…

Skills developed after Azure Data Factory Course In Hyderabad


Students will learn how to integrate data from disparate sources to seamlessly connect, collect, and transform data across various platforms, using Azure Data Factory as a powerful tool for data consolidation.


Trainees will gain expertise in automating workflows, which is crucial for efficient data processing and helps the students gain hands-on experience in automating data movement and transformation, reducing manual efforts, and minimizing errors in data handling.


Students develop advanced skills in data transformation. enables them to use data flows and pipelines to clean, transform, and enrich data. This skill is vital for preparing data for analytics and reporting, ensuring it is meaningful and actionable.


Students learn orchestration techniques to manage and coordinate multiple data processing activities. By mastering Azure Data Factory’s orchestration capabilities, students can ensure that data workflows are executed promptly and organized.


Students become proficient at monitoring and managing data workflows, where they will learn to use Azure Data Factory’s monitoring tools to track pipeline performance, identify bottlenecks, and troubleshoot issues, ensuring smooth and efficient data operations.


Students get hands-on experience with Azure data services, learning to securely store and manage data in the cloud, leveraging cloud storage solutions’ scalability and flexibility, and understanding the importance of cloud-based data storage and management. 


Students learn the importance of collaboration and version control in managing data pipelines, where they become familiar with Azure DevOps integration, enabling them to collaborate on projects and maintain version control, ensuring data integrity and facilitating teamwork.


Through the Azure Data Factory training in Hyderabad, students not only gain technical proficiency in Azure Data Factory but also develop a comprehensive skill set that prepares them for the challenges of the data-driven world, making them valuable assets to any organization.

Azure Data Factory Certifications

Benefits of Azure Data Factory Certification Training


Why choose us for the Best Azure Data Factory Training in Hyderabad?


Career Guidance

Our Azure Data Factory training in Hyderabad offers unparalleled career guidance, ensuring students are not just trained but also guided toward the right career paths in data engineering and cloud services. Our experienced professionals provide insights into industry trends, helping students navigate through job opportunities and career advancements in the Azure technology.

Affordable Fee

Affordable Fees

We understand the importance of quality education being accessible. Our Azure Data Factory training is priced affordably, ensuring students can upskill without the burden of high costs. This approach enables learners from various backgrounds to acquire high-demand cloud skills, making this investment in their future both valuable and attainable.

Latest Technologies

Latest Technologies

Dive into the world of cloud computing with our Azure Data Factory training, where we prioritize teaching the latest technologies and tools. Our curriculum is continuously updated to reflect the newest features and best practices in Azure, preparing students to work on cutting-edge projects and stay competitive in the fast-evolving tech landscape.

Backup Sessions for Missed Classes

We offer backup sessions for all of our Azure Data Factory classes, ensuring no student falls behind. Our commitment is to provide a flexible learning environment, allowing students to catch up through scheduled sessions and ensuring comprehensive understanding and success in their learning journey.

Azure Data Factory Certification

Upon completing our Azure Data Factory training in Hyderabad, students receive a certification that validates their skills and knowledge. This certification is recognized by leading companies, adding significant value to your resume and opening doors to numerous opportunities in the field of cloud services and data management.

Practical Exposure

Practical Exposure

Our training emphasizes practical exposure, offering hands-on experience with Azure Data Factory. Students work on real-life projects, enabling them to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. This approach not only enhances learning but also prepares students for the challenges and demands of working in cloud computing and data engineering.


Embarking on the Azure Data Factory training at this institute transformed my understanding of data integration. The curriculum was perfectly balanced between theory and practice, enabling me to grasp complex concepts with ease. The trainers are industry veterans who provide insightful feedback and are always available to clear doubts. This course has significantly boosted my career prospects.
Ravi Kundru
The Azure Data Factory course offered here is exceptional. It covers all the necessary topics, from basic to advanced, ensuring a thorough understanding of the subject. The hands-on sessions were particularly beneficial, allowing me to apply what I learned in real-world scenarios. The supportive environment and expert guidance have prepared me well for my future endeavors in data engineering.
I highly recommend the Azure Data Factory training program. The course material is up-to-date and comprehensive, covering all the new features of Azure Data Factory. The instructors are knowledgeable and approachable, making learning a complex subject matter enjoyable. This training has enhanced my skill set, opening up numerous opportunities in the field of data integration.
Sai Kiran
Joining the Azure Data Factory training was a key decision in my career. The structured curriculum, combined with practical exercises, provided a deep dive into data factory concepts. The training not only improved my technical skills but also improved my problem-solving abilities. I'm grateful for the mentorship and support I received throughout the course.
The Azure Data Factory training stands out for its quality and relevance. The instructors bring real-world experience into the classroom, enriching the learning experience. The course is well-designed, facilitating a smooth transition from basic to advanced topics. Post-completion, I feel confident in my abilities and look forward to applying my new skills in the industry.
The Azure Data Factory training at Coding Pro Masters exceeded my expectations. The interactive classes, supplemented with real-world projects, prepared me well for the industry. The institute's commitment to excellence is evident in its teaching methods
Surya Teja

Frequently Asked Questions

Azure Data Factory (ADF) is a cloud-based data integration service that allows you to create, schedule, and orchestrate data workflows for moving and transforming data across different data storage services in Azure.

This training is designed for data engineers, data architects, and professionals who aspire to build data integration and transformation solutions using Azure Data Factory.

Basic knowledge of cloud computing and data processing concepts is beneficial. Familiarity with Azure services is an advantage but not mandatory.

Trainees will learn to use Azure Data Factory for data integration, create data-driven workflows, transform data with Azure Data Lake and Azure Databricks, and automate data movement and transformation.

The course typically lasts 45 days, with weekday and weekend batches available to accommodate different schedules.

Yes, the training includes practical workshops and projects that provide hands-on experience with Azure Data Factory.

Yes, after completing the course, trainees can aim for the Microsoft Certified: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure certification by passing the DP-203 exam.

Training is offered both online and in classroom settings in Hyderabad, allowing you to choose based on your preference and location.

You can enroll by visiting the training provider’s website, contacting them via phone or email, or visiting their campus if you prefer in-person enrollment.

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