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Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad


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Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad Course Details

Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad

Course Curriculum

Our Cyber Security training program is designed per Industry standards, covering basics to advanced, including Networking Fundamentals, Linux, and Ethical hacking with an advanced level of Penetration testing. The total course duration of the Cyber Security Training program is 90 hrs, which ensures our trainees learn the core concepts in detail. 

  • IP address and its Classes
  • Subnet Mask & Subnetting
  • Different Types of IP Classes
  • MAC Address
  • CAM table, ARP Table, and its uses
  • Network Topology
  • Router, Switch, and HUB?
  • OSI Model and types of attack each Module has
  • Important Network Protocols
  • Introduction to Linux Family
  • Filesystem overview
  • Types of OS & Editions Installation of
  • Window OS Server
  • OS and Client OS Version
  • Installation of Linux OS Server Access
  • Basic Linux Server Management and its commands
  • Labs and Assessment
  • Introduction to Virtualization – History, Features, Vendors, etc.
  • Virtualization/Hypervisors- Hyper-V, ESXi host, vCentre, etc.


  • Intro of Hacking
  • What is hacking?
  • Types of hackers & it’s differences
  • Difference between Red Team & Blue Team

Foot Printing & Reconnaissance

  • Footprinting
  • Advanced Google Hacking Techniques
  • Deep and Dark Web Footprinting
  • Competitive Intelligence Gathering
  • Website Footprinting
  • Website Mirroring
  • Email Footprinting
  • Whois Lookup
  • DNS Footprinting
  • Traceroute Analysis
  • Footprinting Tools

Information Gathering and scanning

  • Information Gathering
  • Information Gathering Intro
  • Passive and Active
  • Domain name services
  • Google operators and Shodan
  • What are ports and flags?
  • Ports scanning intro?
  • Scanning ports using nmap (tool)
  • Bypass firewall with nmap and hping3 (tools)


  • NetBIOS Enumeration
  • SNMP Enumeration
  • DNS Cache Snooping
  • IPsec Enumeration
  • Different Tools for Enumeration

System Hacking

  • Password Cracking
  • Password Attacks
  • Wire Sniffing
  • Password-Cracking Tools
  • Steganography
  • Steganography Tools


  • Intro of Malware
  • Different Types of Malware
  • Components of Malware


  • Network Sniffing
  • Wiretapping
  • MAC Flooding
  • DHCP Starvation Attack
  • ARP Spoofing Attack
  • ARP Poisoning
  • ARP Poisoning Tools
  • MAC Spoofing
  • STP Attack
  • DNS Poisoning
  • DNS Poisoning Tools
  • Sniffing Tools

Social Engineering

  • Introduction of Social Engineering
  • Types of Social Engineering
  • Phishing
  • Phishing Tools
  • Insider Threats/Insider Attacks
  • Identity Theft

DOS & DDOS attack

  • DoS Attack
  • DDoS Attack

Session Hijacking

  • Session Hijacking
  • Types of Session Hijacking
  • Spoofing
  • Session Hijacking Tools
  • Session Hijacking Detection Methods

Evading IDS, Firewalls, and honeypots

  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Firewall
  • Types of Firewalls
  • Honeypot
  • Intrusion Detection Tools
  • Intrusion Prevention Tools
  • IDS/Firewall Evading Tools
  • Honeypot DetectionTools

Hacking Web servers

  • Vulnerability Discovery/Scanning
  • Vulnerability Scanning Intro
  • Vulnerability Scanning Nmap Scripting Engine
  • Vulnerability Scanning Metasploit
  • Exploitation Directory Traversal
  • Cracking logging system
  • Using Backdoor to Access and FTP server
  • Exploitation SQL commands

Hacking Web Applications

  • Intro web application
  • OWSAP Top 10
  • WEB Application Security
  • SQL Injection
  • SQL Injection Tools
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • Types of XSS
  • XSS Tools

Hacking Wireless Networks

  • Footprint a Wireless Network
  • Perform Wireless Traffic Analysis
  • Crack a WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Networks
  • Wireless Hacking Methodology

Hacking Mobile Platforms

  • Mobile Platform Attack Vectors
  • OWASP Top 10 Mobile Risks
  • Android Security Tools
  • Jailbreaking iOS
  • Hacking iOS Devices
  • iOS Device Security Tools

IoT & OT Hacking

  • IoT Architecture
  • IoT Communication Models
  • OWSAP Top 10 IoT Threats
  • IoT Vulnerabilities


  • Intro Cryptography
  • Encryption Algorithms
  • MD5 and MD6 Hash Calculators
  • Cryptography Tools
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Introduction to the Web Application Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Web Application Pen-Testing

  • Web Application Penetration Testing Methodology
  • OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities
  • Bypassing XSS filters

Security Misconfiguration

  • Vulnerabilities related to SM
  • ClickJacking
  • Remediation & Prevention Of ClickJacking
  • Remediation For SM

Sensitive Data Exposure

  • How to check the Data
  • SSL Related Vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerabilities Versions
  • Remediation and Prevention

Authentication Testing

  • Login Brute Force
  • User Enumeration
  • Authentication Bypass using SQL Payloads
  • Understanding different login patterns

Introduction to Security

  • Network Security Challenges
  • Elements of Information Security
  • Security, Functionality, and Usability Triangle
  • Zero Trust approach
  • Castle Moat approach Firewall 

What is a Firewall

  • Types of Firewall  
  • Designing network security with a Firewall 
  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
  • NAT
  • Security Policy
  • Logs Management
  • Application Security
  • Content / Web Security

Authentication Virtual Private Networks

  • What is VPN
  • Type of VPNs
  • GRE
  • SSL

Intrusion Prevention Systems

  • What is an Intrusion Detection System
  • What is an Intrusion Prevention System?
  • Unified Threat Management
  • What is UTM
  • How UTM is different from Firewall
  • Advantages of UTM
  • SOC Introduction
  • Need of SOC
  • SOC Workflow
  • Types of SOC Models
  • SIEM Tools
  • Basics of Splunk Management
  • About Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)
  • About Incident Response
  • SIEM
  • What is SIEM 
  • Functions of SIEM
  • SIEM architecture Incident Management
  • Incident response policy
  • Incident Handling

Practice Test and Interview Questions: At Coding Pro Masters, we provide practice tests created by certified cybersecurity trainers and industry experts at the end of the course, along with cybersecurity interview questions and answers to test your knowledge. 

Practice Mock Interview Sessions and Technical Job Support: We at Coding Pro Masters provide learners with practice mock interview sessions and excellent job support at the end of the course, which not only helps you enrich your career opportunities in cybersecurity but also helps you crack the interview.

Key Points of Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad

Comprehensive Course Curriculum

Comprehensive Course Curriculum and Syllabus

At Coding Pro Masters, we offer a comprehensive cyber security training in Hyderabad with a curriculum designed to cover essential topics such as ethical hacking, network security, and cryptography. Our course equips trainees with the expertise in penetration testing, digital forensics, and other vital cyber security concepts.

Industry Experienced and Certified Trainers

We pride ourselves on our team of industry-experienced and certified trainers at Coding Pro Masters. With their extensive background in cyber security, our trainers bring invaluable real-world insights to the classroom, ensuring that our trainees learn from the best in the field.

Hands-on Training Approach

Hands-on Training Approach

Our hands-on training approach at Coding Pro Masters ensures that trainees gain practical experience in dealing with cyber security challenges. Through interactive labs, simulated cyber attacks, and practical exercises, our trainees develop the skills necessary to mitigate cyber threats effectively.


Flexible Training Options

At Coding Pro Masters, we understand the importance of flexibility in training options. That's why we offer flexible schedules, including weekday and weekend batches, to accommodate the diverse needs and commitments of our trainees, enabling them to pursue their cyber security education without disrupting their routine.


Placement Assistance

We provide comprehensive placement assistance at Coding Pro Masters, guiding our trainees through resume preparation, interview techniques, and job search strategies. Our extensive network of industry connections and recruitment partners helps our trainees secure rewarding positions in esteemed organizations upon completion of the course.

Practical Projects

Practical Projects

Trainees at Coding Pro Masters engage in practical projects that simulate real-world cyber security scenarios. These projects allow our trainees to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical challenges, honing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the process.

Positive Trainees Feedback

Positive Trainees Feedback

Positive feedback from past trainees speaks all about the quality of education we provide at Coding Pro Masters. Our alumni have successfully transitioned into thriving careers in cyber security, thanks to the rigorous training and support they received during their time with us.

Post-Training Support

Post Training Support

We offer ongoing post-training support at Coding Pro Masters to ensure the continued success of our trainees. Our dedicated team of mentors and instructors provides additional resources, alumni events, and industry updates to help our trainees stay ahead in their cyber security careers.

Interactive Learning Environment

Interactive Learning Environment

At Coding Pro Masters, we provides an interactive learning environment where collaboration and knowledge sharing are encouraged. Our experienced trainers facilitate discussions, workshops, and group activities, creating a dynamic and enriching learning experience for our trainees.

What is Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and data from digital attacks. In today’s interconnected world, where everything from banking to healthcare relies on technology, cybersecurity has become critical.

At Coding Pro Masters, our cybersecurity training equips students and working professionals with the knowledge and skills to safeguard against cyber threats. Through hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios, our courses cover threat detection, encryption techniques, and risk assessment topics.

By understanding cybersecurity fundamentals, individuals can effectively mitigate risks, prevent unauthorized access, and ensure information confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to enter the field or a seasoned professional seeking to advance your career, our comprehensive training program empowers you to protect digital assets and contribute to a safer online environment.

Get started with the Cyber Security Course at Coding Pro Masters today. Enroll now!

Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad

Course Objective

Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad provides individuals with essential skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape securely. The primary objective of our Cyber Security course in Hyderabad is to provide a comprehensive understanding of cyber threats and countermeasures to businesses’ evolving challenges.
Students will get into cybersecurity fundamentals, including network security, encryption techniques, risk management, incident response strategies, and much more.
By underlining practical application alongside theoretical concepts, this training aims to empower students with the proficiency to identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and strengthen digital infrastructures effectively.
So, whether you’re an IT professional seeking to enhance your expertise or an organization striving to bolster its security posture, Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad serves as a vital catalyst for safeguarding against cyber threats and ensuring the integrity of digital assets.

Who Should Take Cyber Security Course?


Cybersecurity Training in Hyderabad

Course Outline

Trainees will start on their cybersecurity journey with a comprehensive overview of fundamental concepts, where they will learn the importance of cybersecurity, understanding threats, vulnerabilities, and risk management.

Students get to grasp the knowledge about network architectures, protocols, and security measures is crucial, where they will explore how data travels across networks and the protocols to protect such data. This includes an in-depth look at encryption standards, firewalls, VPNs, and types of cyber threats.

Trainees will get an overview of ethical hacking methodologies, including penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and how to identify and exploit weaknesses ethically, which helps them to understand the thinking of a hacker to better defend against attacks.

Students learn the tools and techniques used in ethical hacking and develop strategies for strengthening cybersecurity defenses. With tools like Nmap, Metasploit, Wireshark provides trainees with the opportunity to learn how to use and manage these tools effectively to safeguard digital assets.

Trainees will get into the structured approach to penetration testing, learning to navigate through phases such as planning, reconnaissance, scanning, exploitation, post-exploitation, and reporting, ensuring that students grasp how to assess a system's security posture systematically and ethically.

An essential part of penetration testing, students will learn the art of creating detailed, understandable reports that clearly communicate the findings of their tests. Trainees will understand the significance of reporting in helping organizations to fortify their defenses effectively.

About Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad

Cybersecurity training courses in Hyderabad offer a comprehensive and practical approach to equipping individuals with the necessary skills to tackle the ever-evolving threats in today’s digital world. With rapid technological advancements, the need for cybersecurity experts has increased exponentially, making this course highly relevant and in demand.

The training focuses on various aspects of cybersecurity, including network security, ethical hacking, data protection, and finding vulnerabilities. Participants gain a deep understanding of the latest tools, techniques, and best practices, enabling them to safeguard information and systems against malicious attacks effectively.

The course is designed for both beginners and experienced professionals. It provides a well-rounded curriculum covering theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical exercises. Expert instructors with extensive industry experience guide the participants throughout, ensuring they grasp concepts and gain proficiency in real-world scenarios.

Upon completing the course, participants receive industry-recognized certifications, boosting their credibility and employability in the competitive cybersecurity job market. The training also offers networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect with professionals and organizations in the cybersecurity industry.

Overall, this cybersecurity training course in Hyderabad is an excellent opportunity for individuals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in this rapidly growing field. With the increasing number of cyber threats, equipping oneself with the right expertise is crucial, and this course provides the ideal platform.

Modes of Cyber Security Course in Hyderabad

At Coding Pro Masters, we understand everyone has a different learning style, so we offer various training modes for our Cyber Security courses in Hyderabad. Our training is available online, offline, and for corporate groups, each designed to suit your specific needs.
Online Training

Online Training

Our Cyber Security Online training is designed for those who seek education beyond the traditional classroom. Our online platform offers remarkable flexibility, allowing learners to study cybersecurity from anywhere. With our expert-led courses, interactive resources, and support system, students can progress at their own pace, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity essentials.

Offline Training

Offline Training

Our Cyber Security Offline training in Hyderabad is designed to offer a dynamic, hands-on approach to the course. Within our state-of-the-art facilities, students engage directly with industry experts, participate in live discussions, and collaborate on real-world projects, which help students understand cybersecurity concepts and practices in real-time.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Our Corporate Training is designed to equip teams with cutting-edge security skills, encouraging a culture of strength and proactive defense against cyber threats. Through expert-led workshops, real-life case studies, and interactive sessions, we ensure your workforce is up-to-date with the latest in cyber security trends and technologies and proficient in implementing them.

Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad

Course Prerequisites

Our Cyber security training is designed to be accessible, ensuring learners can embark on their cybersecurity journey confidently and effectively. So students should look into the prerequisites if they seek Cyber Security training in Hyderabad. 

Basic Computer Skills: Understanding fundamental computer operations is essential for navigating cybersecurity tools and concepts.

Understanding of Operating Systems: A general awareness of how operating systems work will facilitate learning security measures specific to each OS.

Internet Savvy: Familiarity with using the internet and awareness of its potential risks are beneficial for understanding cybersecurity threats.

Interest in Cybersecurity: A keen interest in protecting digital information is crucial for enthusiastically engaging with the course content.

Problem-Solving Skills: Thinking critically and solving problems is vital for identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities.

Eagerness to Learn: An open mindset and willingness to learn new technologies and security practices will enhance your training experience.

Basic Networking Knowledge: Understanding the basics of network communication can aid in comprehending how cyber threats penetrate systems.

Ethical Mindset: A solid ethical foundation is essential for applying cybersecurity skills responsibly in protecting information and systems.

Career Opportunities After Cyber Security Training

Students can explore roles like security analyst, penetration tester, and cybersecurity consultant, among others, where this field offers not only a lucrative salary but also a chance to protect digital assets, making it a rewarding and dynamic career path.

Security Analyst

Analyzes and assesses vulnerabilities in the infrastructure (software, hardware, networks), investigates available tools and countermeasures to remedy the detected vulnerabilities, and recommends solutions and best practices.

Penetration Tester

Simulates cyber-attacks against their company's computer system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. Often known as ethical hackers, they utilize aggressive and creative techniques to test system defenses and report findings.

Network Security Engineer

Designs, implements, and maintains network security solutions. This role involves installing firewalls, deploying anti-virus software, and monitoring network activity to identify and prevent potential network integrity threats.

Digital Forensics Analyst

Investigates cybercrimes by recovering and examining data from computers and other digital devices. They play a crucial role in solving crimes involving digital evidence and preventing future cyber attacks.

Cyber Security Consultant

Offers expert advice to organizations regarding the security of their IT systems. They analyze security policies, perform risk assessments, and develop strategies to mitigate threats, ensuring data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Information Security Manager

Oversees and manages an organization's information security program, including developing and implementing security policies and procedures. They are responsible for safeguarding against data breaches and cyber threats, ensuring data privacy and compliance.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

A high-level information and data security executive. The CISO formulates policies and frameworks, oversees the implementation of security technologies, and manages the response to security breaches.

Incident Responder

Acts as the emergency service of the cyber world, responding to breaches and threats. Their job involves quickly identifying and mitigating attacks to minimize damage and implementing strategies to prevent future incidents.

Cyber Security Architect

Designs, builds and oversees the implementation of network and computer security for an organization. This role is pivotal in creating robust security structures to prevent, detect, and manage cyber threats efficiently.

Market Trend in Cyber Security Course Hyderabad

The cybersecurity jobs in India, especially in Hyderabad, have significantly increased with the increasing complexity of cyber attacks and the rise in the frequency and severity of cyber crimes, which increase the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals who are specialized and well-skilled to tackle modern cyber threats. 

For individuals looking to enter the cybersecurity field or professionals seeking to upskill in Hyderabad, these courses provide a comprehensive learning path, emphasizing practical skills and real-world applications.
As per the report published by the Economic Times, a total of 40,000 open vacancies are there for the job position in Cyber Security in 2024. 

Skills developed after Cyber Security Training In Hyderabad


Students will grasp cybersecurity’s core concepts, including threats, vulnerabilities, and risk management techniques. This foundational knowledge is crucial for recognizing and mitigating potential security breaches.


Learners will gain hands-on experience with the latest security tools and technologies that enable them to implement and manage security solutions within an organization effectively.


Students will understand how to secure a network against attacks by learning about firewalls, VPNs, intrusion detection systems, and other mechanisms to protect data during transmission and at rest.


The training will equip students with the knowledge of cryptography, teaching them how to use encryption techniques to safeguard information from unauthorized access and ensure data integrity and confidentiality.


Learners will understand the principles of IAM, including user authentication and authorization, and the importance of role-based access control that helps them manage users and privileges securely.


Students will be trained to respond to cybersecurity incidents and breaches effectively, where they will learn how to prepare an incident response plan, conduct forensic analysis, and restore systems to normal operations.


The training will cover the legal aspects of cybersecurity, including laws, regulations, and standards that govern data protection and privacy. It will give them a brief idea of ensuring compliance and avoiding legal catches.


Learners will be introduced to ethical hacking techniques, teaching them to think like hackers to identify vulnerabilities in systems before they can be exploited maliciously, helping the trainees gain essential knowledge for strengthening security measures.

Cyber Security Certifications

Benefits of Cyber Security Certification


Why choose us for Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad?


Career Guidance

Our Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad stands out for its exceptional career guidance. We understand the cybersecurity landscape's dynamics and tailor our guidance to help students navigate their career paths effectively. With personalized advice and industry insights, students are equipped to make informed decisions and step confidently into the cybersecurity domain.

Affordable Fee

Affordable Fees

We believe in making Cyber Security education accessible to all, which is why our training program in Hyderabad is priced affordably. Our aim is to remove financial barriers, ensuring that passionate learners have the opportunity to acquire critical cybersecurity skills without the burden of high costs, opening doors to a thriving career in the IT security sector.

Latest Technologies

Latest Technologies

Our curriculum is designed to keep pace with the rapidly evolving cybersecurity field, integrating the latest technologies and practices. Students learn from experts active in the industry, gaining hands-on experience with cutting-edge tools and methodologies. This ensures they are not just current but also future-ready for the technological advancements to come.

Backup Sessions for Missed Classes

Recognizing the challenges of balancing learning with other responsibilities, we offer backup sessions for our Cyber Security Training. Missed a class? No problem. We provide scheduled sessions to catch up, ensuring no learner is left behind. This flexibility ensures that every student can move forward in the program without missing critical knowledge.

Cyber Security Certification

Upon finishing our Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad, students receive a course completion certification. This certification is not just a document but a testament to their hard-earned skills and knowledge, enhancing their resume and credibility in the job market. It signifies their readiness to take on significant roles in the cybersecurity industry, backed by solid training and expertise.

Practical Exposure

Practical Exposure

Our training process highlights practical exposure, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. Through live projects, case studies, and hands-on labs, students gain the experience needed to tackle cybersecurity challenges effectively. This practical approach prepares them for the complexities and nuances of working in the cyber security field.


Before joining Coding Pro Masters, I was curious but clueless when choosing the best cyber security training institute in Hyderabad. Later, one of my friends suggested going with a Cyber Security Master, and I would say their training program was a game-changer for me. The instructors were knowledgeable, and the hands-on projects greatly helped me.
I highly recommend the Cyber Security Training at Coding Pro Masters to anyone new to the technology. I came from a non-IT background and had many more doubts, but thanks to Gautam, who helped me a lot and helped me understand from basics to advanced topics. Also, the support from the faculty members was very good.
Sai Kishore
It is worth enrolling in the Online Cyber Security Training class. The practical approach to learning, combined with expert instructors, made complex topics easy to understand, and they never got irate when I asked my doubts. The staff cooperated and helped me practice after the session by arranging separate classrooms. Thank you, team Coding Pro masters.
After wasting my money on so-called LMS Courses claiming to team everything in 10 hours, I got into Coding Pro Masters, and I can say their course curriculum and the trainer were super amazing. They not only help me clear my doubts but also help me improve my skill set. Their live projects are superbly designed to get hands-on practice, and their placement support was also superb. Finally, I got my dream job and am now a working professional.
Completing the Cyber Security Training at Coding Pro Masters was one of the best decisions for my career. They started from the basics and helped me learn all the critical cybersecurity concepts. The training was detailed and practical, making it easy to apply the concepts in real-world scenarios, and the trainers were approachable and always willing to help.
The hands-on experience I gained from Coding Pro Masters' Cyber Security Training is valuable, and the best thing is that the course not only has boring theoretical aspects but also helps me apply them in real-life situations. The supportive community and expert instructors made the learning experience unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber Security refers to the practice of protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. It encompasses a range of techniques and strategies to safeguard information and services from unauthorized access, damage, or theft, ensuring data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

A basic understanding of computer systems is well enough to join our Cyber Security Training Course in Hyderabad. For candidates familiar with networking basics, it is beneficial but not mandatory for beginner-level courses.

Our cyber security programs fit all candidates willing to learn cyber security. They do not require specific qualifications beyond graduation.

The course duration of our Data Analytics training in Hyderabad is 4 months. The first 2 months will be training, then 1 month is completely focused on live projects, and finally, the last month is dedicated to candidates with mock interviews and resume preparation with job assistance. 

We at Coding Pro Masters offer both online and in-person classes, providing flexibility to accommodate your schedule and learning preferences.

We break the complete course into 4 different segments: Fundamentals of Networking, Linux, Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Soc Fundamentals, and Preparation for various cybersecurity certifications.

 Yes, our courses include practical projects and simulations to provide hands-on experience with real-world cybersecurity challenges.

Yes, successful completion of the course, we provide the course completion certification, which enhances the candidate’s resume and job prospects in the field of cybersecurity.

Yes, our Cyber Security training program offers job placement assistance, including resume and interview preparation. 

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