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PowerApps Training in Hyderabad


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PowerApps Training in Hyderabad Course Details

PowerApps Training in Hyderabad

Course Curriculum

Our PowerApp course curriculum has been designed per the industry standards that ensure quality training and fit the requirements for the current job demands for PowerApp. Our trainers will cover the complete course details in our 45 Days PowerApp training program. 

  • Screens
  • Controls
  • Data
  • Media
  • App Checker
  • Save, publish, and share
  • Changing control properties
  • Adding functions to controls
  • Text Label and Text input
  • Image, audio, and video controls
  • Buttons, shapes, and icons
  • Checkbox, Toggle, and Date picker
  • Timer, slider, and rating
  • Dropdown, list box, combo box and radio
  • Naming conventions
  • Use cases with CSS to beatify Power Apps
  • Actions like OnSelect, OnChange, etc.
  • Colors
  • Display Mode
  • Tooltip
  • Visibility
  • Adding actions to text input (Enable save button when Text input value changes)
  • Disable/enable Text input by clicking a checkbox
  • Accessing contextual variables in other screens
  • Logical and comparison operators
  • Filter, search, and sort collection
  • Inserting items into a collection
  • Updating a single record in a collection using the patch function
  • Deleting a record from the collection
  • Working with Aggregation functions
  • The true meaning of delegation
  • Advantages

  • Solution
    • Unmanaged and managed solution
    • Deployment (based on availability of another environment)
  • Environment type
  • Environment URL

  • Introduction to Power Automate
  • Types of flows
  • Manual
  • Automated
  • Recurrence
  • Types of Variables
  • Initialize variable
  • Increment/Decrement variable
  • Append to string variable
  • Append to array variable
  • Object and Array of objects
  • Expressions
  • Get the first and last elements from array
  • Get specific records from array based on position
  • Get specific property of specific record from an array
  • Array out of bounds scenario and how to avoid
  • Run history of flow and how to download logs
  • Connect to Dataverse  list records  Understand JSON structure in output
  • Apply to each vs select vs filter
  • Create an HTML table and send an email
  • Trigger conditions to minimize flow runs
  • Call flow from Power Apps
  • Optimization tips for flow
  • Error handling
  • Terminate flow

Practice Test and Interview Questions: At Coding Pro Masters, we provide practice tests created by certified PowerApp trainers and industry experts at the end of the course, along with PowerApp Interview Questions and answers to test your knowledge. 

Practice Mock Interview Sessions and Technical Job Support: We at Coding pro masters provide learners with practice mock interview sessions and excellent job support at the end of the course, which not only helps you enrich your career opportunities in PowerApp but also helps you crack the interview.

Key Points of PowerApps Training in Hyderabad

Comprehensive Course Curriculum

Comprehensive Course Curriculum and Syllabus

Our PowerApp training in Hyderabad curriculum covers from basic to advanced concepts like PowerApps Studio and canvas apps to advanced topics such as custom connectors and AI Builder. Trainees will get into real-world scenarios, ensuring a strong understanding of PowerApps development.

Industry Experienced and Certified Trainers

Coding Pro Masters professional trainers are real-world working professionals with PowerApps in various sectors, providing insights into practical applications, best practices, and the latest trends in app development.

Hands-on Training Approach

Hands-on Training Approach

Trainees will work on live projects, creating apps using Common Data Service, understanding data integration, and exploring Power Automate for workflow automation, ensuring practical skills are immediately applicable in the workplace.


Flexible Training Options

At Coding Pro Masters, we offer flexible training options, including weekend batches, evening classes, and online learning. Our flexible training allows trainees to learn independently, balancing professional commitments and personal learning goals.


Placement Assistance

Our placement assistance program aims to bridge the gap between training and employment. Trainees receive guidance on resume building and interview preparation and are connected with potential employers, increasing their chances of securing a role in the PowerApps industries.

Practical Projects

Practical Projects

With our real-time projection, trainees will apply their learning to design and deploy custom business applications, integrate data sources, implement security, and provide a comprehensive understanding of the PowerApps environment.

Positive Trainees Feedback

Positive Trainees Feedback

Our program thrives on positive feedback from our trainees. Many have highlighted the depth of knowledge gained, the expertise of instructors, and the practical experience as transformative, setting them on a successful path in app development with PowerApps

Post-Training Support

Post Training Support

We ensure continued support even after course completion, where trainees can access additional resources, one-on-one mentorship, and support from our trainer if students need additional support.

Interactive Learning Environment

Interactive Learning Environment

Our interactive learning environment encourages active participation through workshops, group discussions, and Q&A sessions, where learning outcomes ensure trainees grasp technical aspects like model-driven apps and environment management and develop critical problem-solving skills.

What is PowerApps ?

PowerApps, a game-changing suite from Microsoft, empowers individuals to build custom applications tailored to business needs without the intricacies of traditional app development.
It’s an innovative platform bridging the gap between business problems and technological solutions, enabling users to create apps with little coding expertise.
Our PowerApp Training in Hyderabad is suitable for both students and working professionals alike who are eager to dive into the world of digital transformation but may be discouraged by the possibility of learning complex coding languages.
Training in PowerApps, as offered by Coding Pro Masters, demystifies the app development process, making it accessible and manageable. It equips learners with the skills to swiftly design, develop, and deploy custom applications that streamline operations, enhance productivity, and foster innovation within any organization.
By focusing on practical, hands-on learning experiences, Coding Pro Masters ensures that its trainees are not just spectators but active participants in the digital revolution, ready to tackle real-world challenges with confidence and creativity.

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PowerApps Training in Hyderabad

Course Objective

PowerApp Training in Hyderabad is designed to equip individuals with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in data analytics using Microsoft PowerApps.
Our course aims to empower participants with a deep understanding of how PowerApps can be effectively leveraged to streamline data analysis processes, enhance productivity, and drive informed decision-making within organizations.
The primary objective of this training program is to provide students with a solid foundation in PowerApps, enabling them to create custom business applications, automate workflows, and connect various data sources effortlessly.

Throughout this course, participants will learn the essentials of PowerApps, from designing user-friendly interfaces to connecting to various data sources such as Excel, SharePoint, and SQL databases.
Additionally, students will gain proficiency in building responsive applications that work seamlessly across multiple devices, ensuring accessibility and usability.
By the end of this training, individuals will possess the skills necessary to develop robust PowerApp solutions tailored to meet specific business needs, thereby contributing to improved data analysis, efficiency, and overall organizational success.

Who Should Take PowerApps Training

From business professionals to budding developers, this course offers the tools to innovate, automate, and transform workflows without extensive coding knowledge. Here are the ideal candidates who can enroll for the PowerApp Training in Hyderabad. 

PowerApps Training in Hyderabad

Course Outline

Trainees will start their learning journey with an immersive introduction to the PowerApps platform, where they will gain hands-on experience in navigating the interface, understanding the core components, and configuring settings for optimal app development. This foundational knowledge is crucial for anyone aspiring to build custom business applications.

Students get to dive into the creation of Canvas Apps, where the focus is on user-driven design and functionality, where they will learn how to start from a blank canvas and progressively integrate various controls, media, and data sources to develop intuitive apps tailored to specific business needs.

Trainees will get an overview of Model-Driven App design, emphasizing its data-first approach. This section of the training highlights the differences from Canvas Apps, guiding you through the process of utilizing the Common Data Service to create apps that automatically adapt to your data's structure and complexity.

Students will learn how to connect their apps to a wide array of external data sources such as SharePoint, SQL Server, and Office 365. This knowledge is critical in ensuring applications can seamlessly integrate and manipulate data across different platforms.

As you progress, trainees will explore the integration of Power Automate into their PowerApps solutions. This segment teaches you how to automate workflows and processes within your applications, enhancing efficiency and enabling more complex business logic without writing extensive code.

Students will venture into advanced app development techniques, including AI components, custom connectors, and advanced data operations. Students will also learn about sharing and publishing your applications, ensuring they reach the intended users securely and efficiently.

About PowerApps Training in Hyderabad

PowerApp is a powerful tool from Microsoft that allows individuals and businesses to create custom applications without writing code. This revolutionary platform has made app development accessible to a broader range of people, enabling the creation of tailored solutions to meet specific business needs efficiently.


Modes of PowerApps Training in Hyderabad

At Coding Pro Masters, we understand everyone has a different learning style, so we offer various training modes for our PowerApp courses in Hyderabad. Our training is available online, offline, and for corporate groups, each designed to suit your specific needs.
Online Training

Online Training

Our Online PowerApp Training in Hyderabad features live, interactive sessions where students engage in real-time learning and problem-solving with our experienced instructors, which provides the benefits of classroom learning with the convenience of your location, complete with support and feedback to guide your mastery of PowerApps. Our Online training is perfect for working professionals with time limitations or final-year students pursuing their degrees who want to learn the course to upskill their knowledge.

Offline Training

Offline Training

At Coding Pro Masters, our Offline Class offers an immersive PowerApp Training experience in Hyderabad. With hands-on sessions in a dedicated classroom, students benefit from direct interaction with our skilled trainers. This face-to-face approach enhances learning through live demonstrations, immediate feedback, and personalized guidance, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of PowerApps in a collaborative and engaging environment.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Coding Pro Masters excels in providing Corporate Training for PowerApp development, tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses in Hyderabad. Our program is designed to empower corporate professionals with the skills to build, deploy, and manage custom applications efficiently. Through interactive workshops and real-world scenarios, we facilitate a learning experience that promotes teamwork, innovation, and practical application of PowerApps.

PowerApps Training in Hyderabad

Course Prerequisites

For those interested in PowerApp training in Hyderabad, these prerequisites are designed to be approachable, ensuring a smooth start to your learning journey. By focusing on a mix of basic technical

Basic Computer Skills: Understanding fundamental computer operations and internet navigation is enough to get started with PowerApps.

Familiarity with Microsoft Office: A general knowledge of Microsoft Office, especially Excel, can be beneficial due to similar functionalities in PowerApps.

Interest in App Development: A keen interest in developing or improving business applications will make the training more engaging and relevant.

Understanding of Business Processes: Awareness of standard business processes aids in designing effective PowerApps solutions.

Creative Thinking:  Creativity helps candidates imagine and design innovative applications that solve real-world problems.

Analytical Skills: Analyzing and interpreting data will enhance the trainee’s ability to create impactful applications.

Problem-Solving Ability: Skills in identifying issues and thinking through solutions are valuable in learning PowerApps.

Willingness to Learn: An open mindset and readiness to learn new technologies are the most critical aspects of this training.

Career Opportunities After PowerApps Training

Mastery in PowerApps opens doors to roles in app development, business analysis, and solution architecture, with companies eagerly seeking skilled professionals to innovate and streamline business processes. Here are some of the career opportunities learners can get into. 

PowerApps Developer

As a PowerApps Developer, your job is to design, develop, and implement custom applications for businesses using the PowerApps platform, enhancing operational efficiency and user experience.

PowerApps Consultant

PowerApps Consultants advise businesses on optimizing their processes through custom solutions, leveraging PowerApps to address specific organizational needs and drive digital transformation.

Business Analyst - PowerApps

As a Business Analyst specializing in PowerApps, your job is to bridge the gap between IT and business, translating business requirements into technical specifications for custom app development.

Solution Architect - PowerApps

Someone in this position has to architect and design comprehensive solutions using PowerApps, ensuring scalability and integration with existing systems and guiding businesses through complex digital transformations.

PowerApps Project Manager

As a PowerApps Project Manager, your day-to-day job is to lead projects from conception to completion, ensuring timely delivery of PowerApps solutions that meet business objectives and user needs.

Power Platform Administrator

The Power Platform Administrator role focuses on managing and overseeing the Power Platform environment, which includes PowerApps, ensuring system health, compliance, and security.

PowerApps Support Engineer

PowerApps Support Engineers provide technical support and troubleshooting for PowerApps users and applications, ensuring high availability and performance of business-critical apps.

Data Integration Specialist - PowerApps

Specialists in data integration for PowerApps are responsible for integrating data sources and ensuring seamless data flow between PowerApps and other systems.

PowerApps Trainer

PowerApps Trainers develop and deliver training programs, empowering users and developers to use and create applications with PowerApps, enhancing organizational competence.

Market Trend in PowerApps Course Hyderabad

The market trend for PowerApps courses in Hyderabad indicates the growing demand for professionals skilled in Microsoft PowerApps, a leader in the low-code development platform market.
This demand is driven by businesses seeking to accelerate their digital transformation efforts by developing custom business applications without the need for extensive coding knowledge.
By keeping the trend in mind, our curriculum has been designed to create apps connecting to various data sources like Google Drive, SQL, and OneDrive, underscoring the versatility and practicality of PowerApps in real-world applications.
This trend reflects the broader shift towards low-code platforms that empower non-technical users to contribute to app development, democratizing the development process and making it more inclusive.

Here is an insight into the job market and the demand for PowerApp skills in Hyderabad that is available on Naukri.com.

Skills developed after PowerApps Training In Hyderabad


Students thoroughly understand the PowerApps environment, including navigating the interface, understanding data connections, and customizing app settings. This foundational knowledge is crucial for building efficient and user-friendly applications.


Participants learn to manage adeptly and model data within PowerApps, where they become proficient in integrating data from various sources, ensuring that apps are powered by reliable and up-to-date information. This skill is vital for creating apps that effectively serve business needs.


Trainees develop the ability to implement custom business logic into their applications, which includes creating formulas and functions to automate processes and enhance app functionality, making them more dynamic and valuable for specific business scenarios.


Students master the art of designing user interfaces that are visually appealing but also intuitive and user-friendly, which involves selecting the proper controls, layouts, and navigation patterns to enhance user experience.


Through the training, individuals learn how to deploy and manage their PowerApps applications efficiently so that they will get a proper understanding of the app lifecycle, manage permissions, and ensure apps are accessible to the right users.


Trainees gain the skills to integrate PowerApps with other Microsoft services such as Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. This integration extends the functionality of apps, enabling seamless workflows and data synchronization across platforms.


Participants learn to leverage advanced data services like Common Data Service (CDS) to create robust applications, which allows the students to develop complex apps utilizing rich data types and relationships.


Finally, students enhance their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, which help them to learn to troubleshoot issues, optimize app performance, and think critically about how to meet business requirements through app development.

Microsoft PowerApps Certifications

Benefits of PowerApps Certification


Why choose us for PowerApps Training in Hyderabad?


Career Guidance

Choosing us for PowerApps Training in Hyderabad means embarking on a journey with seasoned professionals who provide unparalleled career guidance. Our experts not only teach but mentor, helping you navigate through the myriad opportunities in the PowerApps domain, ensuring you make informed decisions about your career path with confidence and clarity.

Affordable Fee

Affordable Fees

We believe in making quality education accessible to all, which is why our PowerApps Training is priced affordable. Our goal is to remove financial barriers, enabling ambitious learners from all walks of life to advance their skills in this cutting-edge technology without the burden of high costs.

Latest Technologies

Latest Technologies

Our curriculum is perfectly designed to include the latest technologies and updates in PowerApps, ensuring our students are industry-ready. By training with us, you gain insights into the most current practices and tools, keeping you ahead in the competitive tech Technology.

Backup Sessions for Missed Classes

Life is unpredictable, but missing a class shouldn’t derail your learning journey. We offer backup sessions for any missed classes, ensuring you stay on track with your PowerApps training. Our flexible approach means you can catch up at your convenience, guaranteeing a seamless learning experience.

Power Apps Certification

Upon completing our PowerApps Training, students receive a certification that validates their expertise and dedication. This certification is recognized by leading companies, enhancing your resume and opening doors to numerous opportunities in the technology sector.

Practical Exposure

Practical Exposure

Our PowerApps Training in Hyderabad emphasizes practical exposure, providing hands-on experience with real-world projects. This approach ensures that you not only understand theoretical concepts but can apply them effectively, boosting your confidence and competence in handling PowerApps solutions.


The PowerApps Course at Coding Pro Masters exceeded my expectations. The curriculum is well-structured, combining theory with practical exercises. The trainers are outstanding, offering personalized attention to ensure we can apply what we've learned. It's the best PowerApps training for anyone looking to enhance their skills.
I'm grateful for the PowerApps Training I received from Coding Pro Masters. The course was detailed, with practical examples that made learning engaging. The trainers were exceptional, always ready to answer questions and clarify doubts. This institute is definitely among the top PowerApps Training Institutes in Hyderabad.
Choosing Coding Pro Masters for my PowerApps training was the best decision. The course was affordable, comprehensive, and led by good trainers who knew how to make learning interactive. I now feel confident in my PowerApps skills, all thanks to this top-notch training institute.
I was amazed by the quality of the PowerApps Training provided by Coding Pro Masters. The trainers were supportive, and the course material was up-to-date, covering all the essential aspects of PowerApps. It's undoubtedly the best PowerApps course for aspiring developers.
Thanks to Coding Pro Masters, I've gained a solid foundation in PowerApps. The trainers are excellent, offering insights and tips that are invaluable. The practical sessions helped me apply what I learned immediately. If you're searching for a comprehensive PowerApps training, this is the place to be
The PowerApps Training at Coding Pro Masters was everything I hoped for and more. The trainers were knowledgeable, the course material was comprehensive, and the practical exercises were incredibly beneficial. I now have the skills and confidence to excel in my career, all thanks to this excellent training institute

Frequently Asked Questions

PowerApps is a Microsoft tool that allows you to create custom applications without writing code, enabling the quick creation and sharing of apps across any organization.

Anyone interested in app development, including business analysts, IT professionals, and developers looking to streamline app creation and deployment within their organizations, can enroll.

No, prior coding experience is not required. PowerApps enables users to create applications with little to no code.

The course covers the basics of PowerApps, including creating custom apps, connecting to various data sources, implementing data workflows, and customizing app interfaces.

The course duration will be 45 days.

Yes, we offer both in-person and online PowerApps training options to accommodate different learning preferences and schedules.

A basic understanding of data management and familiarity with Microsoft Office applications is beneficial but not mandatory.

Yes, participants will receive a certificate of completion, which can enhance the student’s professional profile and credibility.

Gaining skills in PowerApps can open up opportunities in various fields by enabling you to create business applications, streamline processes, and improve workflow efficiency within organizations.

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