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Power BI Training In Hyderabad | Course Details

Power BI Course Curriculum

Our Appian professionals have designed the course syllabus per the industry standards that ensure quality training and fit the requirements for the current job demands for Appian. Here are the complete course details that our trainers will cover in our 30 day Appian training program. 

  • Power BI Introduction & Overview
  • Competitors and Demand in the Market
  • Power Bi Architecture
  • Power BI desktop Software installation
  • Power Bi Desktop Sign-in Process
  • Types of Sources available in Power BI to connect
  • Types of Connectivity Modes
  • Import Method/mode
  • Direct Method/mode
  • Live connection mode
  • Power Bi Desktop Overview(Visual pane, data pane, model pane, Dax pane)
  • Authentication Methods in Desktop
  • Transform Data while loading
  • Data pane overview
  • Model pane overview
  • Data modeling and relationships
  • Filters and Slicers
  • Visualizations
  • Visual Pane
  • Bar chat visuals
  • Pie chart and Other visuals
  • Map Related Visuals
  • Table and Matrix Visuals
  • Custom Visuals, import, and use of CV
  • Power Apps Visual and Integration
  • Drill down and Drill through Options
  • Edit Intractions & Cross Filter Direction
  • Transform Data and data source Settings
  • Discussion about Advance Editor and M-code uses
  • Different kinds of Options in Transform data
  • Parameters in Power Bi
  • Incremental Refresh in Power Bi
  • Custom Column Creations
  • Visual Conditional Formatting
  • Pivot and Unpivot Data in the Power Query
  • Invoke Function uses
  • Native Query & Query Folding
  • Discuss top ribbon Icons like File, Home, Insert, Modelling, view, etc.
  • How to Create a Custom Table
  • How to create a Calendar table
  • Join and merge & Append, and group by operations
  • Refresh a single connection and the whole report
  • What is DAX Expressions Use of DAX
  • What is Calculated Measures and Calculated columns
  • Aggregate Dax(Sum, SumX, Count, CountX, etc..)
  • Time & Date Realated DAX(Now,Today,date diff,date add)
  • YTD, MTD, QTD expressions
  • Other Dax Functions
  • RLS in Power BI
  • Bookmarks in Power BI
  • What is a Pro License
  • What is a Premium License
  • What is Premium for the user
  • Power Bi License Types
  • Power BI Service Overview
  • Power BI Service Sign-in Process
  • Power Bi Workspace overview
  • How to create a custom Workspace
  • How to publish reports to service
  • What is report and Dataset and Dashboards
  • How to create Dashboards
  • Access Levels In Power Bi
  • How to Share reports to end users within Org or outside Org
  • Usage Metiecs for Report/Dashboard
  • What is an APP and Publish/Update APP
  • Introduction of Gateways
  • Installation of Gateways
  • Type of Gateways and uses
  • Adding a connection to gateways
  • Mapping Gateways to Datasets
  • Schedule and manual configuration
  • Options under Gateways
  • Configuring the Failure notification email to the user
  • Gateway maintenance
  • Power Bi Admin Activities
  • Power bi capacity management
  • Capacity metrics
  • Audit logs or activity logs

Practice Test and Interview Questions: Our Power BI training program retains the tests and a separate session to practice the interview questions so that you get proper exposure. These Interview questions are prepared by industrial experts with real-time working experience in the Power BI field.

Practice Mock Interview Sessions and Technical Job Support: At the end of the training, our Power BI trainers will help you prepare for mock interviews and a proper road map, which enables you to enrich your career opportunities in Power BI and also helps you crack your first job interview.

Key Features Of Power BI Training in Hyderabad

Power BI Training Hyderabad Course Overview

Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors primarily focused on business intelligence for interactive data visualization. The product was developed by Microsoft and focused on the ease of connecting data sources and visualizing and discovering essential data that can be shared with anyone with ease.
We at Coding Pro Masters are known for our best Power BI training course in Hyderabad, where we teach our students all the basic to advanced fundamental concepts of Power BI. Our course curriculum is designed by industry experts who have 10+ years of experience in Microsoft Power BI. 
In this Power BI course, you will learn about Power BI desktop Software installation, Power App visual and Integration, Visual Conditional Formatting, customer column creation, Power BI Reporting Server, DAX, Power Query, Power Pivot, and more.
So, whether you are a working professional who wants to switch careers or a complete beginner looking to learn Power BI and build a career in the domain, this course will surely help you.
Moreover, our Power BI certification course covers a brief assortment of theoretical, practical, and hands-on skills that help you prepare as per the industry standards and give you perfect learning.
We provide complete course content and constant support with a course completion certificate that boosts your resume and helps you crack the job interviews.  

About Power BI Training Course in Hyderabad 

Power BI is an excellent tool from Microsoft that helps businesses make intelligent decisions using data. It takes raw data, analyzes it, and turns it into easy-to-understand pictures and charts. This way, companies can see the critical information and use it to make better choices. It’s like a super-smart assistant for making decisions based on data.


So, as you can see in the above image how, by using the Power BI App, the raw data has been transmitted in a more professional and easy-to-understand format. 

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